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I think the better question is – how isn’t Twitter being used?  Yes, I know I talk about Twitter constantly, but it doesn’t mean I am repeating myself in regards to what I talk about.  Just look at all Twitter has to offer.  I feel obliged to share it all with my readers!  Twitter has become so universal for the entire world today that something new is always happening within the company.

My whole philosophy when sharing new things is to ask myself whether or not readers will benefit from it.  That’s the something extra I want to provide.  After reading, I want you to go an adapt something I have given you into your interactions around the web.

That’s why after seeing this video by TED on Twitter and it’s many uses, I felt it was something that would be an eye opener to everyone.  I believe Twitter is not just a free service, but provides quality relationships with people who take an interest to what you do.  Granted many use it for Marketing.  I am guilty of that, but it’s not a bad thing.  Although,  I have made business relationships and friends with people through Twitter.  It provides an experience that no other social network can provide!

After, I saw this video, I was shocked at how many people this service has reached and its impact.  Plain and simple, people love Twitter.  At first, I was against using it, but ever since that first “tweet,” I have never stopped.  From celebrities, to politicians, and regular everyday people…we are seeing an incredible networking site being used in a revolutionary way!

Thanks to Evan Williams from TED for sharing this video and showing us the value of Twitter.

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