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It truly is interesting the things we come across when surfing the internet.  I learned something today, that I didn’t think was actually possible.  I mean, would you believe it if I told you that Twitter has been around since the 1930’s?  I’m sure you would say I am crazy.  Although, truth be told I am quite sane!  After stumbling across an article by Stanley Tang about how this man in the photograph would leave messages for his friends to see, I was shocked!

It’s crazy to think that the idea of “status updates” was around during this time.  I really have to thank Stanley Tang for this photograph because it is priceless.  Isn’t it interesting though how long it took before this idea was implemented into a website?  I think it is because back then they didn’t have the resources available to them like we do today.

These are the main reasons why I love Twitter.  It really has an ongoing cycle to it.  People truly have been keeping each other updated for a long time.  Today, we have just updated that system to meet our tech savy needs!

If you are able to read the article in the picture, you can see that it describes the Twitter system in a nutshell.

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