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I have to say, I really like using the Tweet Deck client for Twitter instead of going onto the website.  It’s much easier using Tweet Deck and I can be constantly informed about what people are doing!  Who else uses this or is there something else you use instead?  With this being available for both Windows and Mac, I think it’s the best application available for free! I have been using it for a while now and there hasn’t been another client to date that had me wanting to switch over.

Tweet Deck in particular is having tremendous success.  I notice when I “tweet” that a lot of people are sending their updates through Tweet Deck.  It’s kind of like a dominoe effect.  One person starts to use the application and then another sees where their updates come from.  That person will then want to try it out for themselves!  Tweet Deck has definitely rose quickly when it comes to preferred Twitter applications.  Granted, there are many of them, but this one is like having the website sitting right on your desktop. Now, I never need to open your browser!

  • I’m still quite new to Twitter and quite honestly certain parts of it are not to my liking.

    It seems that we really need to download and subscribe to a lot of other Twitter related application before we can do anything any bit manageable with it.

    • You don’t have to subscribe to other Twitter related applications to become more familiar with it. Twitter serves as a feed of information and is used for that purpose predominantly. Twitter clients are just something to use as a desktop application if you are an avid Twitter user. Overall, Twitter’s is great for sharing content.