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There has been a major phishing scam going around on Twitter lately.  Users accounts have been getting hacked and many complaints have been made to Twitter headquarters. I have stumbled across important information for you all about this scam that was given to me by Chris Pirillo.  He has the scoop and the full details about this phishing incident.  Let’s hope Twitter gets this under control quickly so everyone can get back to “tweeting!”

Honestly, do these scam artist’s out there have anything better to do with their time?  I guess not because they are trying to interfere with our social interacting.  I guess though you will always get these scams happening with a popular social network.  What do you think?  Has your account been hacked at all because of this scam?

All I can say to these Anti-Twitter scam artist’s, as they claim to be, is to get a life!  We don’t need interference in our means of communication.  How about doing something constructive, like actively participating in the community like the rest of us.