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If you are interested in finding out your Twitter statistics then you should check out Twitter Counter.  This is one of the most in depth descriptions of how you are perceived on Twitter.  You will even have a chart available to show your growth over time and have the ability to add some Twitter objects to your blog or website.  It’s overall purpose is to give you what your expected followers will be in the future according to your present growth on the site.  You can even compare your stats to someone else you are following.  I think it’s best if you check out the site for yourself to get a better understanding.

Although, I can see some people who are not as active on Twitter, not wanting to use this tool.  The reason for that would be because nobody wants to see that they aren’t an active user.  It could almost be a slap in the face saying, “why did you bother signing up for an account?”  I guess you can say that Twitter tools can have two sides of the coin, whether it’s a positive or negative thing.