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If you get a lot of followers on Twitter and want to know a way to auto-follow people back that follow you, take a look at Tweet Later.  It works, I have used it and I really like it. There are multiple things that this free service can do. You can schedule “tweets” throughout the course of the day, set an auto direct message for new followers, and auto un-follow those that no longer follow your updates. Tweet Later is also available in a pro version which costs money to use, but I can only see a company using that feature. The free version has enough features for the average user. Tweet Later is capable of other things as well that you can learn about when you visit the website, but I have talked about the main features you will want to be aware of.

I would suggest though that you refrain from enabling the auto direct message feature.  If you are wondering why, here’s my reasoning in black and white.  Many Twitter users really dislike DM’s.  They are spam, when it comes down to it.  Most of the time somone is trying to “plug” their own site.  Also, most of the time users won’t check their DM’s.  Finally, I have experienced that Tweet Later may send to DM’s to every new follower.  There’s a prime reason why I won’t use this feature.  All of the other features are fair game!

I hope my insight has given you a better understanding of ther service!

  • I guess if someone gets enough Twitter followers. They can then turn around and market anything to them.

    • If you have a lot of Twitter followers, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can market anything to anyone. It does give you a greater chance for someone to buy something, but you need to establish trust and credibility with your readers before they buy anything from you. Once you have built a relationship, your Twitter follower count has the potential to sky rocket, but the ability to market to the becomes simple because they trust your opinions.