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I decided to change up how I usually write a post and wanted to write a “Top 10 List.”  If you are wondering why I am doing this, it’s because I have noticed that lists are something that catches the attention of readers.  This post I felt deserved a “Top 10” because it is something I am passionate about.  The topic being covered is why I believe you should follow someone who follows you on Twitter.

1. Reciprocity is golden – It shows the kind of person you are when you give back to someone.

2. There’s no reason to say you can’t keep up with the amount of people that follow you.  There are many tools to assist with auto following people that follow you.  An example would be Tweet Later, which is what I use.

3. You aren’t above someone else!  If you think just because you are a well known person and everyone is following you and you shouldn’t have to do it back, you are dead wrong!

4. Participating is key – share what other people are talking about and not just what you do or find on the internet.

5.  Everyone has something interesting to share.  Regardless if you don’t share the same interests, somebody may say something that you never knew about or direct you towards an interesting website.

6. Watch the ego! I notice with some people on Twitter, they feel like always asking for Re-Tweets.  Other people who you may have not followed yet have interesting content too!

7. Reply to people you follow or that follow you.  It’s only fair and shows that we are all equal.  Nobody is above anyone else.

8. Do you think you are a friendly person?  If so, then why did you choose not to follow that person that followed you? You can’t hide from it because those on Twitter now have a way to know if you follow them or not.

9.  Meet interesting people and develop some relationships with them.  I definitely have made some good friends on Twitter and I think that’s the main point of Twitter.  Share information and develop relationships.

10.  Following people will help increase your followers as well!

Do you have anything else you would like to add to the list?  If so, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.  Remember, your Twitter followers can develop into great relationships and potential business partnerships!

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  • I totally agree with your point no 3:’You aren’t above someone else!….’ I personally stopped following three of the ‘Most popular bloggers on internet’ just because of this ‘high n mighty’ attitude. I don’t expect that every person who follows should be followed back but there is a ratio……..if you find some one with 50,000 followers and hardly following 50 people then I usually don’t have any desire to be one of their ‘followers’!

    • That’s a very interesting take on when to follow someone. When I first started out, I always followed the people with a large following regardless of how many people they followed back. I did this to increase my follower base, but I always follow back those that follow me! I don’t like when those well known people on Twitter say they don’t have the time to follow everyone back because there are services out there to auto follow back people.

  • I can’t really follow everyone who follows me because there are simply too many of them. As it is I read dozens of tweets per day. That would accelerate to hundreds if I read all my followers too (and my followers keep increasing). Also what happens if you have more follows than the individual follow limit so Twitter physical blocks you from following all of them?

    • The reason why I decided not to follow everyone who follows me was because I was receiving too many spam DM’s. Also, I wasn’t able to see the updates of those I was really interested in seeing because my Twitter feed had too many people in it. If you wanted an easy way to auto-follow people that follow you, I use to use a site called I no longer use it though. I never heard of an individual follow limit. I don’t think there’s a such thing. Where did you hear about that?

  • Yes, I have a comment. This is all so lame. I have yet to see a ‘Tweet’ from anyone…famous, business wise, or simply “a friend” that was of any import whatsoever. Who gives a sh*t’ whether someone is following you or you are following them if nothing of substance is being exchanged. 


    See ya later. 

    • That’s a shame that you haven’t made any friends on Twitter or received a tweet from them. I don’t believe you need to follow everyone who follows you on Twitter, but if you talk to them a lot, there’s no problem in doing so. While having substance within a conversation is a good thing, I think the thing that I’ve noticed that causes a famous, a business person, or a “friend” (as you put it) to not be responsive on Twitter is the negative attitudes that people put forth.

  • soph

    If you block someone can they still read your dm’s between eachother. Also can they see them if you deactivate your account?

    • I know that blocking someone prevents them from interacting with you. If you deactivate your account, it’s possible they can still see the conversation, however, if that individual tried to go to your page, there would be a message saying the account was deactivated.