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Lately, the biggest complaint buzzing around Twitter is the new implementation of Sponsored Tweets.  I honestly haven’t seen it done often by other Twitter users.  Most people feel it’s just spam and is going to ruin Twitter, but I can’t see how that’s true.  Those people that are spammers on Twitter have the same post over and over again in their feed.  They are usually a bot anyway, but those who sign up for Sponsored Tweets seem to all be regular people.  It is free to sign up and you do get paid by advertisers per click on each link and a specific price just for posting their link.  I guess you can see why people are persuaded into joining this service.

If you asked me, “Is Sponsored Tweets a bad thing?”  I would say yes and no. Yes, because it’s possible that there would be those who got really money hungry and just posted Sponsored Tweets instead of tweets that added to the conversation on Twitter.  I would also say no because there are many people who want to make money online.  Since people click links all the time through Twitter, it’s viewed as a win-win situation for them.

I will admit, I joined Sponsored Tweets.  I haven’t been approached by an advertiser yet asking me to post a link, but I wouldn’t post these links all the time if I was being asked often.  I would know it would bother some people and I want to keep a good relationship with my followers.  However, every now and then is not a problem.  Sponsored Tweets isn’t the end of Twitter as we know it.  If that was the case, people would be deleting their accounts left and right. This is not happening and more accounts are added to Twitter daily.

Most of the people that are featured on the website are well known people on Twitter, the internet, or the real world anyway.  It almost seems that in order to be contacted by an advertiser, you need to have established a name for yourself.  This makes sense though because they want their messages reaching many people at a time and know that well known people have their links clicked frequently.

My suggestion to those debating whether or not to sign up for Sponsored Tweets is to just do it.  Why?  Everyone else is whether they complain about it or not.  Chances are, if you don’t have a huge following on Twitter, you aren’t even going to be contacted by an advertiser.  In this case, there’s nothing to loose…followers included!  Sponsored Tweets is very simple to use as well.  All you do is sign in with your Twitter account, allow the application to connect with Twitter and wait for advertisers to DM you. There’s nothing left for you to do!

In conclusion, I don’t think Sponsored Tweets is really going to cause problems with your followers.  They probably have signed up already themselves and if you both have a lot of followers, there’s a good chance that neither of you will see each others Sponsored Tweets. What do you all think of Sponsored Tweets?  Is it a problem or are people making a bigger deal about it then it actually is?

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  • I agree with you that there is nothing wrong in the concept of sponsored tweets. It is necessary that the proper ratio of sponsored vs original/non-sponsored tweets should be maintained. It’s similar to the scenario where people generally get irritated by watching TV programs that have too many ads.

    • Using TV ads as an example is a perfect comparison. There are sometimes when a TV ad is shown way too many times which can cause people to become more irritated than enticed to buy the product. However, used sparingly it can capture the attention of people.