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Social networks must be active for online businesses to succeed.  It’s one of the ways companies help get their messages out there to the public and receive feedback.  The most useful place for your business to be present on in my opinion is Twitter.  It’s where the conversations are happening and where the customers for your business are residing.  However, what do you do to combat days when the social networking is at a low point during the day?  Do you just stop and wait for the conversation to pick up?  This past weekend with being snowed in, I took the opportunity as I usually do everyday to see what conversations were going on in my niche.  I headed over to and checked what was going on in “social media” and then I checked out the conversations in “technology.”  You know what I realized?  The weekends are really a down period for social networking sites like Twitter.  Granted people relax on weekends, but online businesses like mine usually are always active and ready for what the next big thing is.

When I am on Twitter, I like to engage in conversation with people and help them with what they need.  Not only is it an important part of my business, but I can see what other people are saying in my industry.  I have realized weekends are the worst for learning something new or helping people.  I took it upon myself to look at the keywords in my niche on Twitter to see if there were any new blog posts, questions, or interaction from others.  Let me tell you, it was very rare to see much conversation going on at all.  For me, my question was, why?  I figured most people are doing other things like enjoying the weekend and spending time with their families, which is fine.  Although, I thought Twitter would be a place where a lot of activity would still be happening on the weekends.

Usually during the weekday on Twitter…social media and technology will have a vast amount of results coming in within seconds of each other.  Saturday and Sunday around sometime in the evening when I was searching my keywords, I would see about 3 new results every few minutes, instead of the 10-15 I am use to seeing.  Bottom line I got from this information was social media during the weekends is not going to be the time you will grow your business to the level you are accustomed to.  Small amounts of growth are possible, but not the large spurts of growth that can occur during the week.  There’s just more people participating Monday through Friday.

Now, I took a step back and thought…would this hurt online businesses with activity on Twitter being lower than weekdays?  It’s possible, but I thought of how to combat this issue.  Use this down time to plan for the upcoming week.  What do you want to contribute on Twitter in the upcoming week?  What goals do you want to set for your business and yourself?  Do you want to establish more connections with people in the upcoming week?  That is how I look at Twitter each day I use it.  Granted you want to improve your business through social media and what better way to do it than Twitter.  However, it’s not always going to be buzzing with activity, so you need to make the most of what you got and plan ahead.

Helping people, sharing ideas, and communicating is exactly what social networks were intended for.  If you need them to help your business, realize you shouldn’t always rely on them.  You need to have other plans and ways to grow.  Social networking can’t be your only answer and that’s something I learned this weekend.  I realized I can take the time to improve connections with people that I already have on Twitter, I can watch keynotes to learn more about the power of social media, and I can layout plans for the future of my business.  Not to mention, spend some time with my family since I am home from college!

What have your experiences been like on the weekends with social networking sites like Twitter?  Have you noticed a difference in the volume of tweets that come in?  Does that affect your business?  Maybe it doesn’t bother you at all.  Regardless, I’d like to know your thoughts and what you would add or comment on what I have shared.

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  • I have seen an increase in volume of content on Social Network sites that I use (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook) but its more because people have more time to use them. During the week, people are busy with class, work, and other things.
    I have noticed more content about personal content during the week, and tech stuff on weekends

    • I agree. I do see more thought provoking blog posts by people posted throughout the week. Tech news seems to spark up from Sunday night into Monday from my observations. Very good point though!