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I have been spending a lot of time lately learning from fellow entrepreneurs what I need to do myself to build a successful company which I have been working at for almost a year now. Granted, I haven’t met all of these entrepreneurs face to face, but I have had some interaction with them.  There’s one in particular that really has had some influential information to share that can be beneficial to any business. He is none other than Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV.  You may be wondering what does this have to do with social networking and your business. Well, I heard him say on Tumblr, back when I blogged on Tumblr that there’s one social networking tool that’s essential for your business and that is  To this day, there are countless number of blog posts and video content throughout the internet quoting what Gary said or talking about it.

Search.Twitter.Com is huge for any business trying to succeed from the ground floor up. The ability to search keywords related to your business and see the information being shared or questions asked allows you to reach your niche.  Your customers are right there in front of you and that’s where Gary mentions that this is where you monetize your business. Search.Twitter.Com’s most useful feature is the ability to interact.  You need to reply to your customers and interact with them because that’s the only way to build credibility.  If you think I am joking you, you are dead wrong.  This is the strongest form of social media out there and I’m just relaying a message that someone like Gary who’s achieved success has taught me.  Even though he didn’t teach me on a one on one interaction, his care towards those following him on Twitter, replying to them, answering all his emails is why he is a success story!

When I first heard him mention that site, I thought, “how can this help me?”  Stupid me for not realizing it earlier.  It’s the simplest way to connect with people especially if you just started your business and just created your Twitter account.  What a better way to hit the ground running? is a quick, fast, and easy way to know what your audience is looking for and how to better your brand.  Yes, we all love social media, but if you are also trying to build your presence on the internet Twitter is the way to go with the help of its search tool.  There’s no other social networking tool on the internet today that is as efficient as this one.  You are only hurting yourself if you aren’t using it.

Why am I so passionate about this?  It’s not because Gary told his community about it, it’s because I have seen results from it.  Even if it’s not making you money right off the bat, when someone replies to you on Twitter and says, “thank you”, that’s enough to realize the benefit of this free tool.  Everyone wants to build up a large following on Twitter.  That’s all good and all, but make sure you are reaching that audience that will directly affect your business in a positive manner.  When you show you care about what other people are talking about, they will check out what you are doing.  It’s a common reaction.  Take an interest in others and comment on what they say…you will build meaningful relationships.  That’s social media at its finest!

Here’s an example to prove to you that works.  The past couple of days I have been using this site and keeping track of the keywords for my business which are “social media” and “technology.”  Just through interacting and giving a shit (as Gary would say), I have met and made a positive impact for three new people.  Whether I was helping them out with something, retweeting something they shared, or thanking them.  It leads to building a good business with others.  I enjoy helping people and you have to too if you want to succeed.  If all you do on Twitter is promote your brand and your business and never interact, you are missing the point of social media and your customers aren’t going to care about your product or service.  If you don’t care about the customer, why should they care about what your offering?  Even if you are not selling anything, interaction is key.  Simply, it’s how networking was meant to be done. If you use, you will build a larger following and more engaging relationships with people.

Have you used  If the answer is no, go to the site now and you will see the immense opportunities it will offer you.  I have to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for letting the community know the importance of this site and the importance of caring about your customers/people that you talk with.  What are your impressions of the site?  How do you build relationships on Twitter?  Is this social media to you?

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  • Great article! Gary is a fantastic guy. He really knows his stuff. Twitter has done more for my business than any other social media network out there. I love it. is a great way to find information relevant to who and what you are that you can pass on. I use it regularly as well. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Sophie Zollmann

    • Sophie,

      I use all the time and thanks to Gary, I have increased the interaction I have with people which has been great for me in building community. Thanks for your thoughts on the topic.