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As of late, I have been hearing a lot of talk in regards to how Twitter should be used.  Here are the 5 most common ways I have seen Twitter used and what is suggested…

1.  Conversational tool

2.  News Feed

3.  Promotional tool

4.  Business tool

5.  Sharing information

First off, who in the blue hell decided that there’s a right way to use Twitter?  To me that sounds idiotic.  Do you think so?  The best tip I could give someone in regards to the right way to use Twitter is to be yourself.  If you come off as a bot or spammer on Twitter, nobody will follow or listen to you.  However, when you write like an actual person and truly are sharing and interacting with things that are important to you, then you are using Twitter the right way.  If you believe that the list above is how Twitter should be used, then you are sadly mistaken.  What ever happened to using it the way you want to?  Everyone is different and has their own voice.  If people spent more time listening to others instead of trying to tell them the right and wrong way of doing something, maybe then we could all benefit from each other and learn something.

My personal opinion is that Twitter was created to allow people to share information and develop real relationships with one another.  I know some of you may think otherwise and that’s fine.  I’d like to know why you think differently.  I am not going to mention individual names in this post because I don’t think calling people out is the right thing to do.  Although, this post is coming from the voiced opinions of well known people on the internet and my reaction to them.  If you are more concerned about how many followers you have instead of trying to build meaningful relationships, then are you apart of this social network for the right reason?  I could have sworn that “social” involves talking with people and “network” symbolizes those who you have created meaningful relationships with.

I’m not asking for people to agree with me or what anyone else says, but to question someone when they say, “you are using Twitter the wrong way” or “This is how Twitter was meant to be used.”  That to me comes off as someone who thinks they’re a know-it-all.  Everyone is going to use social networks the way they want to use them and there’s no right or wrong way because it’s all about preferences and what works for you.  The best tip I could leave anyone with in terms of using Twitter is be personable.  If you do that, then you are doing something right.  You are being yourself and that’s what people will respond positively to.

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  • I agree with you completely. Well-said. I personally, however, am using twitter ‘the wrong way’ 😉 Probably, I’ll continue to use Twitter in this manner as it is better than not using it at all….time constraint, in my case, is the prime reason for not effectively using this otherwise wonderful service.

  • I think if you use Twitter the wrong way, most of the time your followers are nice(or angry) enough to let you know. My twitter page just got hacked, but now it’s okay. Someone sent me a direct message. As with blogging, at least in the beginning, it’s mostly trial and error.

    • Most people that don’t like the way you use Twitter, I noticed just unfollow. It seems to be the most conventional way. In regards to getting hacked, I’m sorry to hear that. I would refrain from clicking links in direct messages as they are usually just spam to begin with. Twitter is all about personal preference. You should use it in a way that satisfies your needs!