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If you are tired of wondering why someone decided to un-follow you on Twitter, well fear no more! For there’s a site called Qwitter that will email you when someone un-follows you. All you have to do is type in your Twitter credentials and that’s it.

My suggestion for when people un-follow is to do the same thing to them! How’s that for reciprocity?  Very creative name for this service as well (Qwitter)!

I do like this free service available because I can also see what “tweet” I wrote last that caused them to un-follow. In the past it has been for really stupid reasons. Sometimes, it’s from replying to a past “tweet”. Funny enough, there have been times when people un-follow because Twitter does it without their approval. There’s a glitch for you!

Since following people on Twitter, as well as “un-following” is such a big deal, you might want to check out my post on Tweet Later.