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An interesting thought crossed my mind this morning…if you have a lot of followers on Twitter, is it really worth anything?  That’s one powerful question and truly is something to think about.  If you are one of those people with say 35,000 followers and you are following 28,000 of them, does it make a difference?

When you first start off with creating a Twitter account, your who goal is to build followers.  So, what do you do?  You start following well known people on Twitter who have a lot of followers themselves.  What usually happens at this point is other people who are following the big shots will in turn follow you as well.  By engaging in conversations with these people and using @replies in brings your follower count up.  Although, what do these new followers really provide to your conversation?  What do you provide to theirs?

I have built a large following on my Twitter account, but how many of those following me actually pay attention or acknowledge what I post.  I’d say about 8-15 of them!  You may be thinking, are you kidding me?  Well, let’s put it in these terms…unless you are a really famous person and are established, the chances of your links or posts being acknowledged are slim.  Most of the time you get a select group of those people reading what you suggest to them. 

Recently, I created a Twitter account for a conference that my business partner and I are putting together to create a large following.  This account is only 3 days old and already we have compiled over 100 followers.  It seems to easy doesn’t it?  I love Twitter and I am not knocking it at all, but you have to question the relationships you are trying to build with people.  I have met some great people through Twitter and have developed relationships with them.  Although, the majority of the people on Twitter are probably not interacting with you as much as you would like.

It may sound like I’m stating a bunch of B.S. to you right now, but I’m not.  Here’s your way to prove it.  Post a link to your Twitter account and shorten the link to a – this allows for tracking.  Let some time go by and check how many clicks you got on that particular link.  To do that, simply copy and paste the URL and paste it into your address bar.  Before you hit enter, add a plus sign to the end of the URL and you will see the amount of clicks that link received.   Most of the time, many people don’t even look at it.

I have been guilty of the same thing.  People post links and I either don’t see them or don’t care to click them.  That’s the beauty of Twitter.  It’s a stream of news and you click what interests you.  Most of the time, out of the thousand followers you may have…ten of those people provide content of interest to you.  People always mention that they would rather have more blog subscribers than Twitter followers and I agree.  The reason for that is, blog subscribers are loyal readers.  Many people, not all on Twitter are just trying to build their follower count.  Twitter is great for posting your thoughts and interests, but it would be nice if everyone interacted more often!

In conclusion, I felt that this would be an interesting topic for discussion that I am sure many people would want to debate on.  How do you feel about your Twitter following?  Do you care how many follow you?  It’s interesting to stop and analyze in more detail what we do around the web.  Something as simple as Twitter is a great reference.  Twitter is a great marketing tool, which is something I like to use it for, but I also like posting my thoughts as well.  Both can be done, but it’s good to find a happy medium where you don’t overload on one or the other.  Participating with other people and leaving comments are key for positive interaction.  So, let me know what you think.

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  • I think that the real strength of twitter lies if you happen to have a huge follower list. Even if 5% people actually read your message and 1% click your link, then I feel that it is still worthwhile………..just like TV ads…….not all the viewers are watching the same channel at every instant.

    • You definitely have a valid point. Using the comparison of Twitter followers to TV ads was a great example. I never looked at it that way. I’d have to say about 5% of people that follow me click my links and read my posts which makes sense because not everyone is going to take an interest in what you say. I believe though to increase those 5% of Twitter readers, you need to engage in the conversation and comment about what they write as well!