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I have talked recently with a blogger named Kai Lo who blogs on and asked about guest posting on my blog and Kai was all for it.  Since my blog consists of topics related to Social networks and Technology, Kai decided to do a blog post about How To Increase Followers On Twitter.  I appreciate Kai taking the time out to make this post!

One of the best ways to increase your followers on Twitter is to talk about Twitter.  Twitter is still one of the top searched words on Twitter. When you type in the word

“Twitter” in the “What are you doing?” textbox, it gets indexed to the Twitter search engine.

Recently, I have a post in my blog called, “Are you better than other Tweeters?”, and I wrote that same title into Twitter with a link to my post, and guess what? I had an increase of over 100 followers overnight.  I have only been on Twitter for about two weeks with no credibility. You are better off listening to a beginner who is making progress than a “guru” who promises that he/she can help you get 10,000 followers in less than 3 hours for a low special price of $19.99.

Anyways, talk about anything that is related to Twitter in the “What are you doing?” textbox.  For example, you can say “Tweeter”, “Tweeters”, “Twit”, “Tweet”, etc. It brings hype and attention to other Twitter users. If your post is very informative, some people will follow you and retweet your post to others, which will then again increase your Twitter followers like a chain reaction.

To sum it all up, if you don’t want to spend several hours to follow bunch of random people in hopes that they follow you back, you can follow this simple guide to get people to follow you instead.

-Kai Lo

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  • The idea of Twitter is quite simple: bring the notion of mobile SMS to the internet. The cell phone market was detecting a steep decline in voice communication and a giant increase in text messaging and instant messaging.That’s why people today are immediately taking advantage of Twitter by advertising their products or to advertise their businesses. You can even use Twitter to advertise your web page or site in order for you to generate targeted traffic flowing into your website and start earning some money.

    • It’s funny, I never thought of the updates we put on Twitter as SMS messages, but now doing it directly to the internet. I couldn’t agree more and that’s a fantastic observation. I think it’s very smart by businesses to start advertising through Twitter because that’s how people are consuming media today. Text based notifications and messages are how we operate and businesses need to be on board or they are going to go out of business! Great points made here, thank you!