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With Twitter being one of Facebook’s biggest competitors, it sure is shocking to hear that Mark Zuckerberg created an account on Twitter as first mention by The Next Web.  It seems to me he is strictly creating an account in the attempt to keep up with the competition.  Twitter has been on a high since being launched and Zuckerberg has taken note of this.  I think we can all see him trying to get a better idea of how Twitter succeeds.

Facebook is its own medium in my opinion.  It provides a completely different service with a lot more to do than what can be done on Twitter.  Everyone knows that Twitter is just status updates and with Facebook already having that I wonder why is Mark Zuckerberg using Twitter?  Maybe he is only here for the enjoyment like the rest of us…yea right!

Competition will always exist in the business world and especially with social networks which are the most active places around the internet.  Isn’t this great…the 23 year old CEO is getting ready to put his gloves on and delve into what makes Twitter such a hot commodity!  Will Twitter be ready?  What do you think of this whole scenario?  I honestly think it adds intensity to social networking and makes it more than just a place to socialize, but a place where fighting for users is the name of the game!

What truly is the most interesting thing to me is that this conversation always goes back to my opinion of Twitter is the best social network.

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  • If I remember correctly, he also created a google plus account. So this really isn’t too much of a surprise. You definitely need to know yor competition.

    • Yes, he did create a Google+ account. Knowing your competition is the way to see what you’re up against. All the social networking sites copy each other with the best practices that work, but it’s not surprising.