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Update: This site and Twitter event is no longer active at this time.

What Is #CommentHour And Why Should I Care?

You’re struggling to increase engagement on your blog are you?  If so, I’ve stumbled across one of the best Twitter chats that will directly benefit the comments section of your blog. It’s called #CommentHour.  That’s the hash tag you’ll want to use when participating in the conversation.  This particular chat takes place every Wednesday, 6:30pm PST.

In a nutshell, every Monday, the form to submit a link to your blog opens and if you’re one of the 25 links selected for the hour long chat, you’ll not only receive traffic to your site, but comments from those participating! What could be better than that?  Not to mention, it gives you an insight to the efficiency of your site.

Oh Geez!  You’re Not Providing Us With Blog Tips Now Are You?

Simply put, I am not.  I’m sharing this post with you because it ties into my passion of Twitter and community engagement.  The blogging portion and comments happens to tie in really well.  I did check to see if this Twitter chat was for real.  Trust me, I’m like you, I’m always skeptical of how well something will resonate with the entire community.  Although, I realized that everyone wants more comments on their blog to continue to engage with their readers.  I checked out some of the blogs shared during the chat this past Wednesday and there definitely were some great comments left!  Here’s the link of the blogs shared and where you can see for yourself that #CommentHour really does work.

Will The Comments Provide Meaningful Engagement?

I was skeptic of the fact that people would “half ass” the comments they left.  Just think, during an hour long Twitter chat you have 25 links being shared.  Who’s to say that readers aren’t going to just say, “nice post?” That provides no value at all and that’s what I was expecting to see.  However, after checking out some of the blogs shared, I noticed that the comments provided true value to the post and continued the conversation.  There was actual engagement!  The online world today craves that interaction with others especially when the person giving their two cents shows they care.

Twitter Is Making The Conversation Richer On Other Platforms

I’ve always felt that Twitter enables us to have conversations that we never thought possible.  However, it can also make an impact on our businesses and work, whether that be positive or negative.  Granted, most people understand this, but I think what most fail to realize is that Twitter chats are really becoming the new thing and they’re working wonders for many out there.  All you really need to do is participate and become engaged.  The fact that we can use a platform like Twitter to increase comments on our blogs is really remarkable.  We take things like #CommentHour for granted.  We expect comments on our blogs rather than appreciate the time someone takes to share their insight on a topic.  Since blogging has become so saturated, comments died down for the average blogger, and #CommentHour gives the average blogger a chance again!

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Receiving Comments

This should be beyond obvious, but ALWAYS respond to any blog comments you receive. It’s the same proper etiquette you would demonstrate on Twitter when you respond to a tweet.  However, from the few blogs I checked out, I still notice people not responding to those comments.  Let me tell you, this infuriates me.  Alright, I’m going overboard a little, but you get my point.  We need to stop taking these interactions from others for granted. You need to understand, that just because they’re involved in #CommentHour or if they just happen to stumble across a post of yours, no reader has to comment.  If they do, you should respond!  If you don’t, it’s a missed opportunity and a missed relationship with that individual.  I always make it a point to respond to all engagements I receive on any platform.

Are You Going To Give #CommentHour A Chance?

I believe you owe it to yourself to get involved in a Twitter chat like this one.  Not only do you have the opportunity to expand your reach on Twitter and make new connections, but now you can see the engagement on your blog pick up!  You have the opportunity to have conversations not only in social media, but also your “home base,” your blog!  I’m sure you may still have doubts and hopefully I was able to enlighten you on the benefits of #CommentHour and limit those doubts.

Go check it out –

  • Wow, thank you so much Frank. I’m so excited to see that you really pointed out the biggest thing I try to encourage the participants of #commenthour: Real Conversation. As I juggle keeping roll and answering questions I only get a few chance to remind the participants that writing real comments is the real point of #commenthour.

    I hope you will be joining us next week!

    • I’m glad I was able to cover and hit all the key points of #CommentHour, Pepper! I am very appreciative of the fact that you created this Twitter chat as I feel it will be very helpful to many people out there! I will definitely be participating every week and I hope that many people understand the value of real comments!

  • Jdaniel4smom

    I love the #commenthour! As one of the featured bloggers on Wednesay. I am sorry if I didin’t respond to your comment. I don’t see you on my comment list though. I did hear from many that I commented on.

    • That’s great that you were featured. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend last week, but I will definitely be there next week. It’s great that you had the opportunity to receive quality comments from participants. What was your blog? I’d like to check it out 🙂

  • Great post to promote a great community! I’m so excited to spend time with everyone on weds. and I spend the week really taking a look at all the featured blogs. It gives me exposure to new ideas.

    • I really appreciate the great feedback, Susan! I’m also very excited to engage each Wednesday with a great community of people. I think what Pepper has started with #commenthour is a great thing! I’ve always felt that Twitter chats give those participating exposure to new ideas and learn something new.

  • Anonymous

    This was very informative. As a featured blog and #commentator newbie, I was shocked at all of the people I met last week and cool blogs I visited. I hope to meet you Wednesday. The munchkin will be asleep or with Daddy this time. 🙂

    • I am a #CommentHour newbie myself and from what I’ve heard the feedback for people featured last week was great! I wasn’t able to attend last week, but I will definitely be there this week and I look forward to meeting you too! It’s great getting comments from people who show an interest in what you have to share.

  • Anonymous

    I love #commenthour!  I don’t always get to join in the party, but when I do it’s always a blast! 🙂 

    • Everyone is always on busy schedule and it is great to get some down time to participate. I try to engage in as many Twitter chats as I can, but like you said, it’s not always possible. It is great to meet new people and see what everyone is about.

  • Tonight is my first #commenthour – that’s how I found you! This is a great informative post for a newbie – thanks.

    I don’t appreciate half-assed comments on my blog, so I don’t leave them for others. If a post doesn’t stop and make me think, I move onto the next one.

    • I’m glad you were able to find me! I’m also happy that you found my breakdown of #commenthour helpful. I wanted to give a clear insight to newbies as to how beneficial this chat can be. In regards to half-assed comments…I’m right there with you – nothing aggravates me more!

  • Yes this is a great way to feedback and network I have enjoyed my time on #commenthour and its great to see guys blogging.

    • There’s a lot of guys blogging online, but they happen to talk about the tech and social media space like I do. I’m always interested in hearing what everyone has to say and that’s one of the reasons I like to participate in #commenthour.

  • This is my second #commenthour, and I, too, am impressed by how much can happen in online conversation through it. The Twitter engagement during the hour and the comments on the blogs have already led to some new interactions for me.

    • It’s always good to get something positive out of these Twitter chats. What I like about #commenthour is not only are you able to interact a lot on Twitter, but also with those who comment on your blog. I think #commenthour has a lot of potential to grow at a rapid pace!

  • What a great site blog for people like me who are just starting out. Nicely done. visiting from #commenthour

    • Thanks for the kind words, Heather! That was my motivation behind this post. I wanted to show why #commenthour is a great resource and how to benefit from it in the best way possible!

  • I’ve been impressed by the power of social media as well.  You post is a great way to draw attention to something that I think is missing in the blogging community- a discussion on the purpose of commenting. I would rather have a few meaningful comments that expand on the topic I’ve written on than loads of the half-assed comments. Glad you joined the conversation with comment hour!

    • Agreed, Sarah. I have always believed the cliche phrase, quality is better than quantity! I’d rather those who actually want to provided feedback or input on the post share their thoughts. To have someone write a half-assed comment, you immediately can look at it as spam and you also know they didn’t even skim the post.

  • You did a really great job at conveying it Frank.  Tonight was my first #commenthour, and I too was featured, and I went to my email and was surprised by how my views had jumped just from it. Now if I could figure out how to communicate with others on there while it’s going on, I’d be doing great lol. 

    • Thanks, Heather 🙂 It really is fun being featured especially when you see an increase in views and quality comments coming in! I agree though, engaging on Twitter and commenting on blogs at the same time can be tough. I do like to leave the blog commenting for the end.

  • Great overview of #commenthour. I learned about comment hour about a month ago and have been attending ever since.  It’s a great way to meet new bloggers and to network.   It’s grown tremendously since I started, and is bound to keep growing as more and more poeple become aware of it.

    • Absolutely, Diane. Networking is one of my favorite things to do and #commenthour gives everyone the ability to do that on a whole new level. I’ve noticed that the entire community seems to be very active in this chat and what I like is everyone does leave quality comments on everyone’s post.

  • Martini Mom

    Ah, I’ve been guilty of not responding myself. I always mean to, and then… life. I finally had to create a system to keep track of the comments coming in so that I wouldn’t inadvertently snub anyone. I was featured on #commenthour this week too, and first up on tomorrow’s bloggy to-do list is replying to the comments received. 

    • It’s good that you’ve put a system together to track blog comments. I love using Disqus as my blog commenting system because it emails me whenever I have a new comment. I’m able to get in there right away and respond! Glad to hear you’ll be responding to your comments as well 🙂

  • Though I’ve participated in other hashtagged chats in my professional life, I didn’t know about #commenthour until this week.  In just one session, I’ve already made some great new connections.  I’d never have met these folks without it.  Your blog is very informative, and I’ll definitely be a regular reader from now on.

    • It is a very informative and useful chat. I feel that I’ve been able to get something out of any Twitter chat that I have participated in. It’s great making new connections especially with people who care about providing feedback and sharing their thoughts with you. Thanks for sharing with me and I’m glad you find my blog informative!

  • Spaghetti Westerner

    I love #commenthour.  It’s become such a great community…and who doesn’t love blog comments!

    I was so happy to be featured last night.  I’m just now getting to responding to all lovely comments everyone left and following them back to their respective blogs to share the comment love, so I was pleasantly surprised to see your recommendation on the biggest mistake you can make when you get comments.  I may not always be fast, but I do try to respond to each person who leaves a comment on my blog.  It AMAZES me at how many people don’t do that, though!  I wish more people would follow your advice.

    • I’m glad my suggestions for responding to comments was one that you agreed with me on. I just get so frustrated when I see a blog with a lot of comments, but the author doesn’t acknowledge them or interact. To me, it shows the commenter that you’re participating in a one way conversation. I like to respond to all comments to show everyone that no matter what you say, I will respond! You don’t have to be fast at responding to comments, just as long as you do it, eventually 🙂

  • Thanks Frank for the great post. I’ve been attending the #commenthour for two weeks now. One thing it has really done for me is given me great ideas. I don’t surf the blog world so much (I have such a backlog of reading material in my rss reader I feel I should get to those first). So, having just 25 blogs (which is still a lot) to go through takes me several days. In addition to checking out their content, I check out what services they use, their design style. I’m seeing great examples of ways to improve my blog. Since I help other business owners, I can then make recommendations or create posts on those services.

    Anyway, I’ve subscribed to your rss. Keep up the great work and congrats in being selected for #comenthour this week!

    • Thank you so much, Elian for the wonderful comment. I know what you mean, keeping up with blogs in your RSS reader can be difficult especially when you have a lot of blogs you’re subscribed to. It was great having an opportunity to be featured and check out the other blogs shared. I try to comment on as many as I can. It can be hard sometimes especially if I don’t relate to the subject.

      I like your style to for helping out business owners. Seeing what other people are doing is a great way to see what works and how you can better assist clients.

  • Hey Frank, 
    It was good to see you at commenthour this week. My blog has been featured twice during commenthour, and I do get a lot of comments ~ and I find having time to interact with other participants during that hour every week helps me build even more relationships. The comments are great, but really getting to know people through a regular gathering with like minded people is sometimes even more fun than being featured. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more, Jackie! Getting to know more people and building relationships is what #commenthour is all about. It was great seeing you as well and I always enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them. I think the best part is, is being able to see a different perspective from multiple people.

  • REally love commenthour and the possibility of making connections with one or two more people. It does bring people to your blog but not all of them are sticky. Just keep doing it because there are others out there to meet

    I was blog # pick

    • Very true, Eileen. Not everyone is going to arrive to your blog and feel they can comment on a post of yours. Either it doesn’t relate to them or you both don’t share a similar passion for the topic. However, I agree with you, it’s best to keep at it because there are plenty of other people out there who will be into what you’re sharing. I did comment on your post and saw your response. It’s great to be able to connect with you!

  • Hi Frank Great job. I was unaware of CommentHour till I read your post. It seems like a great way to increase the user engagement for your blog. I found your blog posts very interesting and informative. Would read all your posts.

    I have one suggestion for your blog, please change your post font-style as it doesn’t match to a professional blogger’s style. Anyways its only my opinion.

    • I’m glad you find #CommentHour to be a useful implementation when it comes to blogging. I’m really happy to hear that you like the work I put together on my blog. I’d be more than willing to change the post font style so that it’s more appealing. What font style would you like me to change it to?

  • Jeffur

    Well, commenting may work that way, but what if you want to post an elaborate comment? Short tweets wont work when going in depth… might want to look into Newsgrape, they a similar concept of commenting, from my point of view just a little more elaborate. For example Camerons articles –>

    • Thanks for the recommendation with Newsgrape.  I’ve actually never heard of them before, but I will be sure to check them out.  I’m always up for a new service that increases interaction!  I appreciate your input. 

  • I will try it, Frank and thank you for the tips. Yes, I agree. I don’t understand, when the blogesphere is ‘saturated’ as you state, why people taking the time to comment don’t also get a response from the author.

    • I’ve always been annoyed by those authors that ignore readers. It’s just wrong. However, there are also many that do the right thing and respond back.