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Recently, I sat in on a lecture about how Web 1.0 differs from Web 2.0.  When the lecture was over, I felt I gained even more knowledge on Web 2.0, then what I thought it was before hand. When you think Web 2.0, what crosses your mind?  How do you interpret it?  I didn’t realize how many advancements in this technology I took for granted.  I simply thought Web 2.0 was the birth of social networks.  I don’t mean this was the first appearance of social networks, but Web 2.0 is where social media become a huge player on the internet.

It’s truly amazing to see how much the internet has evolved.  The chart above suggests to me that the internet during Web 1.0 was not really based on interaction with others.  More or less, it was just reading content.  You couldn’t write your own and be a part of the conversation.  This is something the internet truly lacked and may have been a reason why the internet wasn’t a huge thing back in Web 1.0.  Luckily, since that time, changes have been made for the better. However, it brings up the question…if we’re at more of an interaction stage in Web 2.0, where will be be 15 years or so from now?

What I like about this graph is it shows us is where we may be when Web 3.0 comes around, but if you notice…there’s nothing for Web 5.0 (nothing that’s a definite YES).  Where does the internet go beyond 5.0?  Will it be the same as we know it today or a completely new interactive medium?  Looking at the graph, it suggests that the internet will be operated through a hologram in Web 5.0?  Is that concept expecting too much?  Well, I don’t think we know for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  Technology is growing faster and faster each day that many people can’t keep up with innovation.  Take Google and the products they are constantly launching.  From Google Wave and Google Latitude, these products aren’t huge yet, but they are generating a lot of buzz for consumers and more people are wanting to be invited to try these new products out.  People love free and love new.  This is the reason why the next big thing really hasn’t been seen yet.  Why?  We are constantly evolving as we speak.

I can only wonder where the web will be when I am in my 30’s.  It’s exciting to think about because nobody knows for sure.  What you may think Web 2.0 means now, may not be the same thing in a year or two years.  When will Web 3.0 officially take place?  I’d be curious to know what you think and what you feel the web will truly consist of then.

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  • A good analysis, but I differ on two accounts: ‘internet wasn’t a huge thing back in Web 1.0.’ and ‘You couldn’t write your own and be a part of the conversation’. Speaking from some experience as I have been using Internet since 1993, from the days of OFFLINE email (yup … email was sent by the service provider twice per 24 hours and we were charge per KB!)and lynx browser. Internet back then was a huge thing as it is now. The instant access to a huge repository of information and the ability to interact with people thousands of miles away and share ideas with them were the major factors behind its immense popularity. Interaction was there … forums, irc, BBS, usenet groups were present since the beginning and provided tremendous opportunities for interaction. It’s only that web 2.0 has taken interaction to a new level, where no matter what you do online, interaction is part of that online experience.

    • Thanks for this comment and having a different opinion! I do like when people disagree with me. It teaches me something I didn’t know. It’s hard for me to think of the internet back in 1993 because I was only 5 years old and hadn’t interacted with a computer at that time. However, it’s nice to know that the internet was being used quite frequently and a big thing back then as well!