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Not too long ago I emailed Chris Pirillo and asked him three questions about technology that I wanted his take on.  They were:

1. Do you believe there will be a time when we hit a wall with technology and nothing else can be made?

2. Do you feel people appreciate technology and the effort that goes into creating something innovative?

3. What about technology is important to you and makes you want more of it?

I was fortunate enough that he answered my questions in one of his videos on his YouTube channel.  The video and blog post answers to my questions can be found on Chris’ blogSo, click here to see what his answers were!

I would love to hear what you all think of this topic as well.  I made the questions broad because I feel there is no right answer.  It’s all personal opinion.  If I were to add in my two cents in answering my own questions briefly, it would be as follows…

1.  I don’t think technology will ever stop growing.  Someone will always be trying to out do someone’s creation.  Usually somebody finds a better way to do it.  That’s how MP3 players evolved.

2. I think people appreciate technology, but everyone takes it for granted.  It’s just how we are.  Besides technology, we take many things for granted. It’s always at our disposal, so we expect it to be there.

3.  What makes me wanting more is there is always something better being created and I love seeing tech evolve.  It is amazing to see!

My answers are somewhat similar to Chris’, but you should watch the video for his response.  Add onto to this discussion with a comment and let us all know what you think.

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  • Cloud Strong

    I also agree that is is amazing to see technology grow as time moves on. There have been so many improvements in tech in the last few years. One such area is cloud computing. This concept has evolved dramatically in recent times and more and more businesses are moving to the cloud because of it’s ability to allow users to access files and applications remotely from any location in the world. It’s just a matter of time before all organisations realize that cloud computing is in fact a necessity for the welfare of their business.

    • Tech is always constantly evolving and it’s true that cloud computing has become huge over the past year. The biggest issue facing cloud computing is security. However, that’s always going to be a factor with anything, but it’s important to pay attention to. As much as I like DropBox, hearing about their security issues was worrisome, but I’m glad they’ve added in two step verification now.