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Everyday, I start off doing the same routine.  I check my email and then I read the blog posts that I am subscribed to.  Obviously I am subscribed to technology blogs and one of them is none other than The Next Web.  I recently read two posts from them that particularly caught my attention and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

First off, The Next Web reported that Apple plans to release a tablet netbook in 2010 for around $800.  I have a few things to say about that.  My first reaction was, “I’m not surprised.”  I don’t mean that in a negative way, but I knew it was a matter of time before Apple jumped into the netbook market.  From a business standpoint it was very smart to do and they could profit well from this.  However, their price is what bugs me the most.  With the price of current netbooks out their averaging prices under $500 and seeing Apple wanting to charge $800, makes me uneasy.  Although, I can’t question Apple.  Their methods have always worked for the most part.

Apple has always been known for high quality products and they always produce the best thing available.  So, I do understand their $800 price, but I don’t agree with it.  People will buy it, there’s no question about it, but take this alternative.  I want a 24 inch iMac that costs around $1500 without tax and excessories.  Price wise…that’s about $700 more than a tablet netbook.  From my personal standpoint, I’d rather save up for the iMac than dish out $800 on a tablet netbook.  That’s just me though.  How do you feel?

Secondly, the “netbook family” isn’t designed to be used as your primary computer.  It’s for simply checking email or browsing the web when traveling.  I just couldn’t see myself paying $800 dollars for a tablet netbook that I am not going to use as my primary system.  I do own a HP Mini 1030NR netbook and I bought it for far less than $800.  Not only that, but once again, it’s not used as my primary system…it’s a “tag along system.”  That’s how I like to view netbooks.  In turn, I have to give credit to Apple for starting to produce their own netbook.  It was a must for consumers and something that will really sell.

Switching gears to how technology is advancing on the operating system front is through Google.  Once again, I read this article from The Next Web about their new Google Chrome OS that they plan to release in latter part of 2010.  So, two big companies, both Google and Apple are planning to make a splash with new technology in 2010.  This is very exciting news all around.  Now, why do I like this?  Well, like Apple, I support everything Google does. Secondly, I believe if the OS is made free like most of their products, I think this will definitely challenging Linux.

I myself do not like Linux.  It’s an operating system I have seen in action many times before and don’t like it’s interface or the way the system operates.  However, Google’s idea of creating their own operating system really has me interested.  This project by Google seems as though it will be out after Apple’s netbook.  So, I can’t get too excited right now as Google is in the early stages with their OS.

I would love to have seen the look from the Board of Directors at Microsoft when Google made this announcement.  They must have said, “uh, oh!”  If I was an employee of Microsoft I would definitely be trying to plan around what Google was doing because this is going to be direct competition to Windows 7, which has been seen in a positive light so far in the beta and release client stage.  However, since Google probably will make their operating system free, I can see users either staying with XP or using Google Chrome OS.  Very interesting set of scenarios I think.  This is why technology is so incredible!  We shall see what plays out as the release dates for both Google’s and Apple’s products get closer to being released.

What do you think about these two advances in technology?  Do you support them both?  How do you think it will affect companies like Microsoft or Linux?

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