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Technology can be very difficult for people to adapt to, especially whe they don’t have much experience using it.  So when they have problems with their computers, they will pay a ton of money to have a professional come in to either fix or teach them how to work their computer.  There are alternatives around this and that’s where I like to play a role.  I want to be the tech person that people can come to when they have issues with their computer systems. Instead of paying money to solve your tech related issues, my FREE tech tips newsletter will solve any computer questions you may have and make your computer problems a thing of the past.

One of the biggest reasons that made me want to do this was because whenever I was in a store like Best Buy and I saw someone buying a new computer, people would immediately have the Geek Squad install all the software necessary to make their computers run properly.  First of all software such as anti-virus programs are very simple to put on your computer and you don’t need someone doing it for you.  Plus, when you are at the store, they recommend the top brand name programs which aren’t the best solutions when it comes to your anti-virus programs.  Using programs like McAffe and Norton I believe are the worst choices to choose from.  Not only are they very expensive per year to maintain, but they cause more damage than protection. That’s just observations I have made from doing maintenance on computers for people.  I suggest using a cheaper solution such as Comodo Ant-Virus Program.  It offers more than the others and is less money.  This is an example of the information I will provide to you.

I feel interaction with people when it comes to any type of tech problem is the best way to solve any issue.  That’s why I tell people to contact me with their tech questions, so I can use it in upcoming newsletters.  There’s no reason to spend all that money for minor tech problems.  I will be the solution.

Technology is a lot of fun to be apart of especially when you learn the basics of it and become familiar of it.  I want to show people this and make your experiences great ones. I want to give you some ballpark figures of what you can spend on IT professionals coming to your home to fix your computer. I will also give you an estimate of what you can spend on having the Geek Squad at Best Buy work on your machine.

For example, IT professionals will charge from $60-$80 just for walking in the door.  They may not even fix your technical problem and may have to work multiple days on it, which will cost you more money.  Does this sound like a price you have paid before?  Going to Best Buy and having them install software and performing maintenance on your computer can run from $120-$300.  If you have paid these type of prices before…STOP!  I will make this easier for you because now you won’t pay anything!

Finally, I highly suggest you subscribe to my FREE tech tips newsletter. You have nothing to loose, but gain more knowledge and increase your awareness on how to fix and handle your tech issues.   I hope I have been of help to those of you that choose to be a part of this project I am running and I look forward to working with you.

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  • First, I don’t pay to have my stuff fixed, b/c well I do it myself.

    Second, I do charge to fix computer and house calls, but not always. If my friend ask me to look at her laptop, I will and won’t charge her anything. If I have to go and set up a network or clean up their desktop, then yes I will charge, but normally whatever they are willing to pay. Most of the time I get about $50-60.