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It’s been a little while since I have done a “top 10” post, so I figured it was about time I did one.  This one is going to be for those people who are new to social networks and technology.  Since social networks are a big deal on the internet, I know some people either want to know what the hype is about, why they should be apart of it, and how to go about using these free tools.  The same applies to technology.  Technology can be a very nerve racking thing to some people, especially if their interaction with it is limited.  What I am going to do here is provide you with the top 10 best tips possible for making social networks and technology something fun and exciting.

1.  Social networks allow you to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and develop business/personal relationships.  To start interacting and meeting people on this level, the first tip is to not be afraid.  Take a chance and break away from the normal and delve into something that may be out of your element.  Say hello is the first step to engaging in social networks.

2. Technology is all around you and you are constantly interacting with it, even if you don’t realize it.  In that regard, computers are a frustration for those who either have never used one or don’t think it’s worth their time. My tip here is to take things one step at a time.  Don’t look at the computer as something that is going to attack you.  Look at it as a new experience.  You remember learning how to drive a car and you can do that fine, can’t you?  Using a computer is like operating a car…it only will do what you tell it to do. 

3.  Social networking is the way of turning yourself from a “no name” into a well known person.  Granted this will not happen over night, it takes time and everyone doesn’t want this kind of attention.  However, to get a job in the economy we live in today, you need to improve your networking and it all starts by participating online.  The more comfortable you get with using social networks, the more people in “real life” that you can possibly get to know.  This makes interacting a lot easier!

4. When it comes to anything technology related and you are unsure of what to do, ask someone you know or a family member who knows what they are doing to help.  Don’t just let them do it for you, ask them to teach you.  If they operate and program the cell phone for you, than you aren’t learning anything.  Asking questions will give you answers and you will become more familiar with what to do. 

5. When it comes to social networking, the “I can’t do it”  has to end.  You can do it and I guarantee someone you are close with knows how to interact with social media.  When you catch them interacting with it, ask them what they do and how they enhance their experiences.  You can learn a lot from another person and what they might have to say will give you the will power to try it yourself.

6. If you feel you would like to learn more about technology in more detail and have it become a hobby, look into taking some classes.  Even if you are new to technology, there are always classes being offered to teach you the basics. Some classes are free and then there are those that cost money.  Since there are free one’s you have no excuse not to learn!

7. How to know if social networking is right for you – do you like having conversations with people?  If your answer is yes (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t), than social networks are the place to go.  Joining Twitter or Facebook is the perfect location to have conversations with people.  They are the most popular social networks at this point in time and is the place for connecting with people.

8. If you want to become aware of what technology can do for you, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, get free software from Video Professor.  You will learn the basics of how to interact with your computer and do the many things average PC users are doing.

9. For social networking tips search Google for different blogs that talk about social networking.  Many people have information that they offer for free to teach people about what is going on in social media.  It’s very exciting stuff and is information you want to learn about to make you a well rounded person and engage in the Web 2.0 world.

10. Finally, in general subscribe to Social Tech Zone.  I talk about both social networking and technology all the time.  I provide news and tips to what’s going on in this part of the world and it’s information you don’t want to live without.

Hopefully know you have some ways to alter your habits and start interacting with social networks and technology.  Any rebuttle you may have to start doing so, is objected against with one of my 10 points.  Are you going to give social networks and technology a chance?  If you already are an avid user of both like myself, what further information can you share with our readers?

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