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Technology isn’t always something fun that we deal with everyday.  It can become quite an issue for many people especially when it comes to computers.  We all suffer with computer problems, but the big question is – how do we tackle this problem?  Well, I plan to create a FREE blueprint that will be available to download in PDF format for anyone who is in need of increasing the speed on their computer.  I will document in this blueprint successful steps that I have taken to take an old Dell Dimension 2350 desktop from a computer that may have seen it’s last days to up and running like new.  However,  I want to hear from all of you the issues that you have been facing with your computers that you would like corrected.  If you share them in the comments below, I will guarantee you that the solutions to these problems will be put into the blueprint.

Slow computers aren’t usually the result of a crappy computer.  They are usually a result of the person using them that they become almost non functional.  I hate saying that, but it’s usually the truth.  Most people don’t realize that all those pictures and video you leave stored on your computer drastically slows the machines process time. (This isn’t meant as an insult, but to make you aware of common issues.)  I have helped out a lot of family members and friends with their computer issues and now I felt it was necessary to help out everyone on a broader level with this FREE blueprint.  Any comments left in terms of help needed, I once again promise you will not be left out of the blueprint.

Why am I doing this?  As I have mentioned in regards to my “tech tips newsletter,”  I am tired of watching people spend so much money on IT professionals to fix issues that are usually simple to solve and I will do that for all of you.  You just need to leave your comments with issues you have had.  I plan to have the completed blueprint together in about 2 weeks.  So make sure to keep those questions coming so that your issue won’t be left out. Computers can be pretty tricky at times and there are some really simple solutions to bring your computers speed to a new level.  I will be sure to recommend anything I have used that has worked for me.  I look forward to helping you out with this blueprint.

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  • I look forward to seeing your final product. I’m married to a tech guru so I am aware of what makes a computer slow. He maintains all of our computers and keeps us running fast and strong.

    My suggestion would be to include all those spywares proclaiming to be computer fixers. What they really do to a computer is unbelievable. Teaching people to not click on all those freebies and giveaways is one way to keep their computer fast and free.

    Sophie Zollmann

    • Sophie, You are very fortunate to be married to a tech guru. Not everyone has that person available to them. That’s what I am to my family and it really helps them out. I like helping people anyway, so it’s a win-win situation. I’ll be sure to make people aware of those spyware products because they all aren’t good. That’s a great suggestion to include in the blueprint.

  • My computer takes literally 10 minutes to start up and get Outlook, Chrome and Firefox running. I only have about 5 tabs in Firefox. The process is a huge time waste and I’d love to know how to fix it without just buying a new machine.

    • Robert, this is actually a very common problem I have been asked about before. I will be sure to cover this in detail in the blueprint. It definitely is an annoyance and I know how you feel. Once the blueprint is completed and you get to read it, your computer will be back up to speed. I have dealt with this issue for other people in the past.

  • Frank,

    You should definitely give out the guide by making people opt-in to your newsletter. That will increase your opt-in subscribers dramatically.

    When I find that my laptop is starting to load slower, I’ll just delete bunch of unused programs and that usually does the trick!

  • Looking forward to your blueprint. From the many good tips that I’ve read on your blog, I’m sure it will be quite comprehensive and useful. Thanks in anticipation 🙂

    • Thanks for your support Meam. I hope you enjoy reading it!

  • Keep me updated with your blueprint!

  • While I currently don’t have problems with my computer other than a bad battery on my laptop, which was replaced by another bad battery sent to me last week which I’ll be sending back tomorrow. I have in the past had plenty of problems with speed of things loading, etc.

    I recently had a hard drive crash, and have recovered from that with a full system restore.

    I’m no longer installing a lot of the stuff I’d installed over the last 1 1/2 years of ownership of this particular laptop, I’m very picky on what gets installed now as this is my main computer.

    I look forward to your blueprint Frank.

    • Thanks for downloading the finished blueprint Martin, I hope you enjoy it and can pass it along!

  • I recently received an HP Desktop from my Aunt. It is as slow as a Windows ME machine, takes about 15 min for you to be able to move the freaking mouse.
    It has so much Junk on it, I decided to just erase the entire hard drive. Was this a good call?

    I’ll keep you informed on my progress

  • Your window registry is a critical element of your pc, a large database that support normal computer operation. There are a number of cause of registry problem.
    (a) Files left behind after the uninstallation or incorrect removal of software
    (b) hardware drives that are either missing or corrupt
    (c) startup programs no longer in use
    Such issues lead to decreased pc performance.

    • Thank you very much for the suggestions. I definitely believe these are some other serious issues that many people don’t acknowledge as a potential issue. I especially believe that when drives are missing for hardware or software that this plays a huge effect on PC performance.

  • The reasons you listed of slow computer aren’t an insult, they’re common sense reasons. I didn’t have any slow issues until I started uploading all my pictures. Thanks for the tips.

    • I’m glad the tips were able to help you out. Like you mentioned, storing a ton of pictures on your hard drive can cause your computer performance to decrease. Did you get a chance to download the eBook where I went into more detail and provided more tips on how to improve your computer speed?

  • I used to store pictures and videos in my computer and I didn’t know that storing them in your hard drive will cause your computer to decrease its performance. Not until I read your article.

  • There are many people out there who don’t know how to fix a computer. Not everyone is “tech savy” and just because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean someone else is going to have the knowledge you have.

    • Rozer Martin

      Are you being rude from me as I have written in the comments.

      • Not at all, just making you aware that not everyone understands computers, that’s all. I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts.