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With constant adaptation to social networks and advancements in technology, the form of communication where we actually talk to one another through speaking is becoming obsolete.  If you think I am making this up, think again!  When your kids need to get in touch with you, do they call you?  No, most likely they are texting you.  Interesting enough, this exists when you are in the same room with someone.  Students in a classroom will text one another even when they have the opportunity to talk to one another.  Is it just me or am I noticing a dying breed?

This morning while I was in the car, I heard this topic being discussed.  I have been thinking for a while that with texting evolving into what it is today and social networks acting as “what’s hot,”  that we do not talk verbally with each other as often.  Hearing this topic discussed breifly on the radio made me realize that there were other people thinking the same way I was.  I think social networks and technology are great and they definitely serve as great communication tools.  Why else would I blog about it everyday?  However, this idea of verbal communication becoming something of the past is becoming more true everyday.

Take the many social networks available out there.  If you want to get in touch with your friend, what do you do?  You run to Facebook and leave them a message.  You don’t call them…why would you do that?  That’s 90’s stuff!  There’s one example of how we are eliminating verbal communication.  Not to mention with Twitter becoming popular and in my eyes being a mainstream company, what’s to say that the news won’t exist someday?  The news communicates information to you verbally, don’t they?

I’m not trying to say that news stations like Fox or NBC will becoming obsolete, that will never happen.  However will ratings go down?  Twitter serves as a platform for sharing news and that’s exactly what it has become.  How did you learn about Michael Jackson’s death?  Personally, I learned about it from Twitter.  We are receiving our information through text!  Not that it’s a bad thing, but it shows that we have easier ways of receiving information than doing it verbally.  One other side note..someone posts an update on Twitter and you have something to say about it.  What do you do? You send them an @reply.  There’s non verbal communication right there!

Now, we get to the technology side.  With the future of technology always growing and more great things on it’s way, is it safe to say that technology is contributing to a lack of verbal communication?  Absolutely, there’s no doubt about it.  Texting is the reason people have cell phones.  What, you thought you were actually going to call someone?  I always notice that when people give out there number, you always hear something around these lines, “here’s my cell phone number, text me when you get there.”  Alright, that’s not the greatest conversation example, but you get the point.  It’s so true though, technology is a contributing factor to our loss of verbal communication.  However, is the lack of actually talking a bad thing or is it just how sociey operates today.  I notice that older generations, like that of my parents don’t understand social networks and the lack of verbal communication.  It’s quite hard for them to understand. 

Before texting was ever invented, we talked on the phone because we had no other choice.  Technology gives us choices and constantly does everyday.  Did you ever notice in those cell phone commercials advertising the latest gadget, what features are the primary focus point?  Well, it’s texting, keyboards, and IM.  There’s no verbal communication there!  That’s what we want today and it’s not a bad thing, but I think we need to take a step back and realize that it is healthy to talk to people and have decent social skills.  

Hopefully at this point you are seeing things in a different light.  I think this is just the day and age of a new era where this is how we communicate.  Sometimes people have trouble adjusting because they are use to what they know.  Although, do you think social networks and technology are causing problems with verbal communication?  Is it something that people need to stop complaining about?  We are definitely seeing news ways of doing things day by day as technology and social media advances.  So, now I turn it over to you…what are your thoughts on this controversial topic?

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