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This is a guest post by Rebecca Jones.

A backup refers to creation of copies of data that can be applied in future for data restoring if it is lost; may be some sort of corruption or even deletion of the data. The free tool provided by Microsoft, Sync toy, is a wonderful tool that can be applied for easy and automatic data backup. It is supported with simple VB script so that even if you are not a technical wizard, you can understand its functioning easily. Backup would also allow you to retrieve the files at some future time when the files are being lost due to any accidental occurrence or due to deletion of the files from the system.

Working of Sync tool…

Step 1

The first step involves the selection and setting up of all the areas that you are required to copy. Also, you need to select all those areas where you wish to keep the archived copies. This process is referred to as sharing of folders in which you need to specify the two folders by clicking on “create new folder pair” on the screen.

Step 2

The second step is to choose the kind of synchronization that you wish to be executed. The three options available at your disposals are synchronize, echo and contribute. Synchronize refers to a two way system of data backup. In this, if a file is being updated in one of the folders (left or the right), them it will be automatically updated in the other folder. Echo is an option that is to be used while carrying out the back up process of a complete directory.

Step 3

Click next and the process of back up would continue automatically. It is important to learn the process of setting up of sync toy automation script for carrying out the process of automated backup. For this, you need to go to control panel, click on administrative tools and then open the task scheduler. This would schedule the process of data backup process to be carried out at different intervals of the day.

Step 4

After scheduling your work for some specific periods of a day, click on the actions tab and click on “select a program”. Browse to the location where you had stored a script and the task scheduler would launch the script as per your scheduled timings in the day. Once the script starts running, you can have a track of this process of running of script.

This can be done by checking the Sync toy log file that can be accessed using the

location – C:UsersOwnerAppDataLocalMicrosoftSyncToy2.0SyncToyLog.log

This log updates automatically every time the process of backup is being run using sync toy. It would provide you details regarding the directory that was being backed up, the time period of carrying out the backup process, the number of files involved in the backup process as well as the size of the backup.

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