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It’s been a while since you’ve heard an episode of the STZ Podcast.  Mainly because I try to bring on the best guests possible and sometimes that’s easier said than done. Alas, I have done my part and this week we have Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income to share his thoughts on how the little guy can be successful using the many social networks that are available out there.

I believe the best comparison to feel like you have a chance in social media can be related to having secure insurance.  Look at it this way.  Having insurance on your car for example gives you that feeling that someone has your back, per say. In the social media space we often feel that we’re alone and nobody has our back and wants to share our stuff.  Let’s face it, we all want an equal chance and Pat’s has your back on this one 🙂

Time and time again, people feel left out of the conversation when it comes to Twitter, for example.  You know what this leads to, right?  You’ll say, “this site is dumb. Why should I bother using it?”  Well, Pat’s approach to social media is one I took notice of and felt it’s a strategy that many others should implement.  For one, it shows he’s human and second, your users won’t feel like they’re only a customer to you.

Sound interesting?  Well, here’s a list of the topics we discuss:


  • How to refrain from being boring when using social networks?
  • Can small businesses make an impact or will social media only pay off for big brands?
  • How to get people to listen and why you should focus on the user and not yourself.
  • Is selling off your work something to consider down the road or is it a mistake?


This was one of my favorite interviews to date and I believe we can all learn something from Pat.  I mean, you don’t hit around 50,000 subscribers by accident! Pat does a great job with teaching his strategies through life experiences and stories, so I feel it would be to your benefit to listen to the whole interview.

Also, if you’ve already listened…what did you think about what Pat had to say?  Who would you like to hear interviewed next?  Leave a comment and let us know!  If you haven’t checked out other interviews on the STZ Podcast, click here now or listen on iTunes!

  • benboyer

    Cool interview Frank! nicely done , Pat Flynn is the man!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have many more great interviews planned. It’s all going to come down to scheduling. Have you listened to any of the others?