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If I told you that iTunes can be looked at as a social network similar to the way you use Twitter or Facebook to network, would you believe me? Interestingly enough, it absolutely can.  It’s the one platform out there for businesses and startups that actually promotes you for free!  Look at Twitter and Facebook.  You need to buy ads to get in front of a larger audience.  iTunes is going to make things easier on you, but how can this be possible?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  On this episode of the STZ Podcast, Kris Gilbertson of Lifestyle Academy is going to share with you exactly how to use iTunes and podcasting to start connecting with people in a unique way that you may not have realized was possible.


Here are the topics we cover in this episode:

  • Why did Kris get started using podcasting as a platform to grow her audience?
  • Having a strategy with your podcast is essential to get the most of it
  • How iTunes will help you get your feet wet and promote you for free!
  • Why you should develop a consistent marketing strategy
  • The elements that go into making iTunes continuously promote you
  • Why you should be selective as to who’s on your podcast
  • Why figuring out ways to help your guest out is important
  • The trickle down effect to get more people engaged with your brand
  • Getting your audience involved in your podcast
  • How to get iTunes reviews to establish yourself and brand as an authority
  • What is the real benefit behind the album art?
  • How can experts on your show help your audience?
  • Monetizing your podcast – ways that you too can make money!
  • How long you have to grab your audience’s attention?


After listening to the show, do you feel that you can now get started in using a podcast to enhance engagement for your brand?  Do you have a podcast of your own?  If so, let me know in the comments below what it is.  I’d like to check it out.  Also, if you currently don’t have a podcast are you going to start one? Which one of Kris’ tips will you implement?

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  • Jim Traister

    Good stuff and some good podcast tips.

    • Thanks for always checking out the new episodes, Jim! It really means a lot and I’m glad it’s helpful for you 🙂

      • Jim Traister

        Pleasure Frank…if it was not valuable…would not take the time! Please, keep them coming and have a great week!