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If you enjoyed my interview with Leo Babauta, then you’re going to also like my interview with JD Roth, formally of Get Rich Slowly, now the owner of More Than Money.  Both Leo and JD believe in making your life simpler and focusing more on creating helpful within their workflow rather than spending all of their time on social networks.

I’ve said it before, but I think it’s great when people think against traditional norms and do what makes them happy.  Although, JD still has a lot of experience with building an audience and establishing a relationship with his readers and community as a whole.

What’s even more interesting is that JD not only is no longer the owner of Get Rich Slowly (he sold it), but is also starting from the ground up to build up his new site, More Than Money.

I think many of you can relate to trying to build a community around your work and never receiving any attention.  It’s frustrating, isn’t it?  Well, that’s just one of the things JD is going to help you out with in this interview.  I believe he’s someone anyone can relate to because whenever you start something new, you go from everything to essentially nothing.

Here’s a list of the other topics we’ll cover:


  • What was the benefit / reason of selling off a business he worked so hard to build and create?
  • Does he see a financial benefit in social networks or is that best left to content creation?
  • Why does he feel like he’s getting left behind with social media as he gets older?  Does he still use it?
  • How did JD build Get Rich Slowly from nothing back in the day before social media existed?
  • Does the thought of promoting on social networks seem spammy?  Does that create a nervous feeling for JD?
  • Did any of his Get Rich Slowly audience migrate to his new site?  How did he do that?


I have yet to have the opportunity, until now to be able to chat with an entrepreneur that is going “back to the drawing board” per say with a new project and almost entering a new niche than what he’s accustomed to teaching.

I believe it’s extremely important to take notes on this interview with JD because I try to get inside his thought process on how you “start over” when getting to the top for the average person seems beyond possible.  JD is now in your shoes (in a way) and now you can grow with him.

What did JD teach you in this interview that changed your mind or altered your perception on how you will go about building your community?

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