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Journalist, creator of media brands, and well known entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis joins me in this week’s podcast episode.  Jason recently launched his new brand,, which was an idea he had been playing around with for about 10 years. The startup is focused on delivering quality news to users that is most interesting to them.  The best part about the app…it’s curated by humans and not some algorithm.

You’re going to learn key practices to be aware of if you’re looking to enter the startup business by creating a new and popular iPhone app. Jason will share the struggles, things he didn’t expect as obstacles, the positive experiences, and how to best coexist in the startup world.  He’s built a lot of successful businesses and has had his share of setbacks as well, which is why Jason’s insight will help you become more aware and assertive when it comes to being a business owner and how to best please your users / customers.

Also, we get into a very passionate discussion about people using YouTube as their sole business platform and why that’s a huge mistake.  Jason is not a fan of the way Google runs their YouTube operations when it comes to the partnerships with content creators.  If you use YouTube for your business, you’ll want to be sure you’re using it as a way to drive the traffic back to your actual business rather than relying on economics from the YouTube platform.

For some further specifics in this episode, here’s what we talked about…


  • What is
  • The majority of current media is purely deceptive headlines
  • The ups and downs of building an app / startup
  • The benefits of your users feedback on your business
  • Why building a great team is just as important as building a great product
  • The behaviors of large companies versus start up companies
  • Why you need to be patient with iOS development
  • Don’t rush your product to market before it’s ready
  • What YouTube is actually doing to content creators
  • YouTube owns you and creators have no power
  • YouTube steals the ideas of content networks
  • Why you should turn off ads on your videos
  • The real reason Google doesn’t reveal ad splits with creators


I really feel Jason is ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding business, the journalism world, and how the money is distributed within the content business.  He’s not afraid to speak his mind or stand up for those who are unwilling to do so themselves due to fear or lack of insight.

If you’re currently using YouTube now as your solo business model…are you going to change your strategy?  Did you know about these insights with YouTube before listening to this episode?  What do you think of turning off your ads to your videos?

I hope you enjoyed the show and if you did, I hope you can leave us a review of the show in iTunes.  Finally, do yourself a favor and download the app and get news that’s put together by people and avoid all of the link baiting / deceptive headlines.