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On today’s episode, we talk with former Apple Evangelist and now Internet Evangelist and author, Guy Kawasaki about how he has gone about crafting his success online.  Guy is usually able to see new emerging trends before the blow up into huge successes and he’s also got an eye for detail in terms of what works and doesn’t work when trying to grow a brand on the Internet.  His new book, APE (affiliate link), teaches people how to write their own book and focuses on the three points of being an author, publisher, and entrepreneur.  Here’s the topics we covered during the show:


  • Guy’s days as an Apple Evangelist
  • How he views his responsibility as an evangelist for the Internet
  • Are people trying to conquer Twitter?
  • The balance between promotion and creating content
  • Guy’s taking on digital agencies running social media feeds for major corporations
  • Why he responds to people on Twitter himself, but allows “ghosts” to post
  • Why is Google+ Guy’s favorite social network to date?
  • Will Google+ combine circles with YouTube subscribers?
  • Guy’s new book APE (affiliate link) – what it’s about and it’s purpose
  • Do social media numbers really matter?
  • Which tools should we use to grow our brand?
  • Facebook’s usage of paying for post visibility (Edgerank)


Guy’s been at this for a long time and he’s definitely worth paying attention to. Personally, after hearing his take on Google+ and many of the other guests on this show who support it, I believe it’s time for all of us to start taking that social network a little more seriously.  I know for me, I haven’t spent much time there because I haven’t found it useful, but with indexing and it’s contribution to SEO, I think Google+ may be a bigger player than we all would think.

So after listening to this podcast, what has Guy encouraged you to do differently? Are you going to buy his book?  Is there anything you’d like to share with us about your thoughts on this episode?  Please leave us a comment to share your insight.

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  • Jim Traister

    Totally agree with Frank’s point regarding engagement vs Guy’s at the 16 minute mark. In all due respect to Mr. Kawasaki, his whale analogy provided is irrelevant because it does not mirror the culture of twitter. At it’s core, twitter is a one to one vs a one to many conversation platform. Mr. Kawasaki is a genius and think his statement is only off base because he does not manage his own twitter account as stated on the podcast. It was interesting that Guy Kawasaki’s number one social media platform of choice was: Google + and now I am a little more motivated to look at that platform.

    • I’ve tried to dedicate more time to Google+ myself and post a little more. However, even though I was active there while the platform was still in beta, engagement is low to almost nothing. Even those industry leaders with huge followings of over 1 million people average 20-30 comments a post. That’s not really enticing for me.

      Like you, I prefer a one to one conversation style to build relationships with people. Twitter gives me the best opportunity to do that and I just feel I haven’t figured out yet how Google+ fits in. To me the indexing feature is its most powerful asset.