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He’s bringing the thunder as always, except not on the “Thunder Show”, this time it’s on the STZ Podcast. Gary Vaynerchuk joins us on today’s episode and he really had some great insight to share on social media and how you can use it to improve your business strategy.

While a majority of us are familiar with Gary’s keynote presentations, I feel in this interview he really gave us a look into his thought process that he hasn’t shared before. Gary shared a lot of informative stories and painted a lot of pictures to help put this social media world we’re in now in perspective for anyone to understand.

Here are some of the things we discuss:

    • Pinterest and Google+ do matter, especially for companies without critical mass
    • Why Gary himself hasn’t spent as much time on Google+
    • How the little guy can emphasize the importance of social media to the CEO
    • Those who think Zuckerberg has lost interest in Facebook are completely wrong.
    • Facebook acquiring Instagram will not affect the photo sharing sites value
    • How Gary is pitching to his clients in 2012
    • Is traditional media still relevant?

There’s so much to absorb and take in from this interview and Gary always keeps us on our toes and thinking.  I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to speak with him and as always the interview concluded with probably the greatest punchline, as he called it, by saying:

“You’ve got a story that you want to tell your customers.  If it’s good, people will listen. If it’s not, they won’t.”

After you listen to the interview, I want to hear your “two cents,” as Gary would say, and let me know your favorite part of the interview.  What have you learned from Gary that you didn’t know before listening?

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I have many more interviews with influential leaders planned so be sure to keep your eyes open 🙂

  • Excellent insights shared as always from Garyvee….nice job interviewing as well!

    • I’m glad to hear you had the chance to listen to the interview, Jim. Gary certainly always brings great insights to every interview and speaking engagement he does!