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If you haven’t heard of Chris Brogan when it comes to business and entrepreneurship, I’d be shocked! Chris has been helping entrepreneurs for quite some time and due to his experience in the game, he knows what it takes to succeed.  His emphasis on learning from failing is very informative as it further enhances the narrative of how long of a journey entrepreneurship can be to succeed. There is no quick fix like some people want.

Look at it this way…if you’re using podcasting as a way to grow your business, you should be using that podcast to serve others, as Chris makes mention to in the podcast.  If you think you’re going to make money without helping people, then you need to reassess your priorities.

If podcasting is your marketing tool, than you need to understand the patience you’ll be required to have for it to grow and chances are that things may not work out the first time, but that’s how you learn.

Through these principles, Chris has found a formula that works for him and in this podcast episode we cover more on the philosophy of business building, such as:

  • Why people are lazy when it comes to business
  • Patience is the key to being a successful entrepreneur
  • Why you should evaluate your reasons for wanting money
  • Connecting with people in a human way
  • Determining what your finish line is
  • Understanding that success is never linear
  • Are you learning from the wrong people?

In the comments, tell us about something that you’ve been working on for a while.  Are you using podcasting to grow your business? Are you seeing results from your business efforts?  What are some struggles you’re still facing?