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Today’s guest on the show is Chase Reeves of Fizzle.  Chase has been a web designer for 10 plus years and outside of his work with the Fizzle community, he also is a co-host of The Fizzle Show.  I wanted to have Chase on the show to talk about an important aspect of business that many people don’t touch on or even utilize, which is instilling humor into your business.

With so many people online teaching you how to run an online business, a lot of that information can sound like noise after a while and come off as repetitive and dull.  Chase has taken a different approach and it works to perfection.  Not only is the Fizzle Show podcast a great resource for helping you with your business, but it’s also the most genuine and straight forward information you’re going to get.  Too many people online aren’t relating to their audience’s on a relatable level because they’ve already reached a level of success where they forget what it’s like to start from the ground up.  I believe Chase has this covered and he demonstrates his knowledge on humor and business in this episode.

Here’s the topics we cover:


  • Humor shows us the clearest mirror back on ourselves
  • The struggles of starting from scratch and being your own boss
  • Realizing those struggles of business are worth it and working towards
  • Taking the terror out of the fundamentals of business by being human
  • Partnering with people to help you and grow at a quicker rate
  • You’re stronger with a team than by yourself.
  • Mastermind groups change everything and force accountability
  • Creating products for your business are tons of work, but you need to put in the work and do it
  • Humor is a good way to get people’s attention to what you’re doing or teaching


Are you utilizing humor in some capacity in your business? What do you like about Chase’s approach and what methods do you feel you can implement from what he’s taught?

Chase also gave us a resource to check out that he recommends as one of the best things he’s produced to help people with their business via The Fizzle show, which is episode 86, which I highly recommend you check out.

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