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If you’re unfamiliar with who Brian Clark is, you’ll definitely get to know him better in this episode of the STZ Podcast.  Since he’s one of the most well known content marketers on the web, I thought it would be great for everyone to learn about how Brian goes about using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to grow CopyBlogger.

Interestingly enough, Brian Clark and I feel the same way about social media.  We really only like Twitter.  However, there’s probably a sleeper social network among us that could be delivering some real value to businesses and individuals in the upcoming new year.

If this sounds interesting, then you’re going to love the conversation we had.  Here’s a list of the key topics we covered:

  • Are traditional marketers still afraid of social media?  Do they understand how to operate online?
  • Is Facebook useless?  Should we even care to use it?  Are they scaring people away?
  • Google+ using authorship and author rank.  Did you know that this will become a game changer?
  • Are other content marketing sites gaming all of the tools available?  Will it ever end?
  • Is email still the top channel to be a profitable online business?

Brian is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who’s trying to figure out how to better implement their content strategies with social media.  He’s also great at debunking why there’s still a lot of crap online, but explaining how these tools we’re all using are trying to develop ways to removing these pests that are ruining it for everyone.

Ultimately, I think the best piece of advice and insight you can learn from Brian Clark is the outright importance of hard work.  While this sounds cliche it can’t be taken lightly and by listening to this podcast, Brian will tell you that nobody knew him when he first started, but knowing your stuff and keeping at it can be the best social media strategy to improve your business.

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  • Love the comments about twitter and sooo agree about the comment regarding social media for small brands! Good stuff! 

    • Glad you’re enjoying the episodes and thank you for your comments and keeping the conversation going.

  • Lockergnome brought me here.

    Awesome article and podcast dude.

    • Thanks for checking out the podcast episode, Michael. Chris and Lockergnome have been great to me and I’m very grateful for that. Glad you enjoyed it!