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With more companies getting involved on the variety of social networks out there, it begs the question, when will this be an actual full time position?  So many of these companies that are joining the social media scene, don’t really know how to use the platforms.  You can only wonder what will be the deciding factor for a business to say, “we need a social networks manager.”  Their job would be to interact with customers on these social networks, answer their questions, and hopefully lead those questions to potential sales.  Sounds like a win-win situation.  Those that are heavily involved on social networks can apply for a job they have experience in and the company is building their brand.

Taking a step back from this…when will this actually take place?  Who’s to say?  It may be never, but I think companies are foolish not to consider this as a potential position.  If they take a step outside the box and not use the excuse, “nobody else is doing it,” then maybe they can get that competitive advantage they need over competitors.

The main problem companies encounter on social networks is they use them as a broadcasting platform to make a sale.  That’s the wrong way to go about it because they aren’t building any type of relationships.  However, some companies do know what they are doing and are very successful in the social networking scene.  More power to them, but when reality sets in, most of them don’t know what they are doing.  Gary Vaynerchuk makes a great point…they can hire an intern for free!  For example, my internship wasn’t paid and this would be a great way for companies to test the waters and then decide if they would want to bring in a “social networks manager.”  Sounds a little crazy at this point, but who knows?  It may be a possibility in the near future.

My curiosity with this idea is how would they decide qualifications to be a “social networks manager?”  I think this could be a first.  Maybe they would check out profiles of those interested in the job and see how active they are on the variety of mainstream social networks.  Companies can look into the relationships these people have built and the trust their user base has in that person.  It seems like a revolutionary idea to me and I would love to see this put into play.  What are your thoughts?  Do you believe a position of this nature will ever come to pass?  Is this a good idea or do you know of something better that could be done?  I’d like to see your stance on this, so feel free to share.

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