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Recently I was interviewed live on The Nerd TV.  For an hour the Founder of the site, Charles Zink and I talked about my opinions on brand building, what I am currently doing as far as online projects, and social networking strategies.  Usually, you guys are use to me interviewing someone else on building your business with social networks, but this time I had the pleasure of being interviewed.

Charles’ audience was very interactive and asked me some great questions.  One question during the interview that stuck out to me the most was, “how do you compete with well known people in the industry?”  My simple answer was, “you don’t!”  I feel you need to do what works for you and focus on what your doing.  You don’t want to copy what somebody else is doing because than it’s not who you are!

I am very passionate about social media and using it to build a business, but it was definitely a change of pace to have some asking me questions instead of the other way around.  I really appreciate Charles allowing me to post the MP3 here for you all and the opportunity to be on his show and talk about something I really care about.

I think the most rewarding feeling from this interview is I was told that I taught him and his viewers a lot about social networks and different strategies to approach when using the internet to help leverage your brand.  I love sharing what I have learned and what others have taught me. That’s the beauty of the social media space, it’s all about interacting and giving back. I sure hope to do similar things like this in the future.

How do you think I did in answering Charles’ questions?  Was I thorough enough?  What did you like most about the interview or least?  I’d really like to hear your feedback because it helps me grow and lets me know what you all are looking for in an interview.

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  • Mike

    I didn’t think the person who was interviewing knew a thing about Social Media. Should have at least done a little bit of homework

    • I thought Charles did a fantastic job asking me questions. He wanted me to teach his listeners and him some things that I have picked up along the way. Everyone has to start somewhere. We all can be experts right off the bat. I respect your opinion and I do appreciate you caring enough to leave a comment.