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credit attributed to Jen Goode

This is a guest post by Jen Goode

Interaction is a key to effective communication which then leads to sales, contracts and business success. As an online business, we need to be able to reach out to our potential clients or customers and let them know we are here to answer questions or provide further information. The days of sitting by and waiting for the need to arise and website visitors contacting us above our competition is gone. We have to be proactive and offer that virtual handshake, letting other’s know not only that we are here, but we are available and interested.

Social media offers this kind of interaction. Depending on your customer base, new and current customers can we found all over the internet. We just need to know where to reach them, and then listen.

JGoode Designs is primarily focused as an online business. I work from home and occasionally travel to various industry conferences to connect and stay in front of those I want to work with. However, the days I’m “at the office”, is an opportunity for that the old “out of sight out of mind” to begin creeping back in. The internet world of business is so fast paced, I need to be able to keep in touch to continue to grow as a business and a brand.

Social media allows me to keep my fans informed of new happenings and my colleagues aware of where I’m at. Social media provides potential new clients with information about who I am, how I work and where my expertise might fill their needs. Social media also provides an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, this is a key focus for me.

The social media mix – the recipe that works for JGoode Designs:

50% Twitter
35% Facebook
5% LinkedIn
10% everything else

Facebook (Follow Jen)

I have a facebook account which connects with friends and family along with colleagues from 3 different industries I work or play in. I’ve then added fan pages for various niche areas to help connect on topic specific levels. Along with other business pages I run, JGoode Designs has it’s own fan page as does my famous traveling penguin. This enables me to stay in touch with people interested in specific areas I focus on. I’ve found that Facebook is like having a big summer picnic… Anyone who wants to come and say hello or play a game of horseshoes is welcome. Conversations vary from work to family to odd little daily happenings. You’ll find people interested on a business level as well as a those getting involved on a casual personal level.

LinkedIn (Add Jen)

As a professional I have a LinkedIn account. This allows me to connect with other professionals in my industry. This networking opportunity allows me to stay in touch with those I am already working with as well as find new businesses I’d like to partner with. LinkedIn is definitely more of a B2B networking locale. As LinkedIn is because more personable, I am seeing more users get involved on various levels.

Twitter (Follow Jen)

Although Twitter is 50% of my social networking time, I don’t focus my Twitter activity to a specific business per say. I use Twitter a me, Jen Goode, the voice behind everything I do. I connect with a wide range of individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons. My focus is, this is me and what I do.

From a business perspective, the model I use for Twitter isn’t nearly as effective as setting up a Twitter account as a business offering special Twitter specific promotions or information. However, for me and my name as a Brand, a personal/business Twitter account allows me to stay connected to a variety of people as well as listen for those wanting to shout out in my direction. I’ve been able to communicate with a number of great new contacts from the networking opportunities available via Twitter.

There are so many different directions we can go when dealing with social media. I have plenty of other accounts throughout the web. Due to the amount of third party tools and applications available along with the quantity of users involved, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are my first choice and where I spend the majority of my time.

About the Author:
Jen Goode is a multitasking entrepreneur. She is the owner and “doodler in charge” of
JGoode Designs offering unique gifts and apparel. In addition, she offers her illustration and design work for art licensing to manufacturers and retailers. Jen is also an Affiliate in the Performance Marketing industry and the Affiliate Summit newcomer program coordinator. Jen writes as the Denver work-at-home mom at and is a member of the PMA and CHA.

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