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Unless they are really well known, I am hesitant to give new social networks a chance.  I prefer to use them once they have become established.  What’s the point of using something that nobody else is on.  The whole point of a social network is to be social and interact with people. However, if the social network is new, this concept may not happen until it becomes frequently used by the public.

I consider FriendFeed to be that social network that’s in the middle.  It’s used by a good amount of people, but isn’t as desired as Facebook or Twitter.  Although, I recently decided to give FriendFeed a chance for two reasons.  One was because I could sign into  FriendFeed with my Twitter account and the other reason was because I could add my blog feed and raise my blog subscribers through Feedburner. These were the only two reasons why I decided to give this social network in the chance.  In the past, I have felt that there’s no reason to use FriendFeed.  One because it essentially is Twitter as well as Facebook combined.  I couldn’t see the extra value it provided to join.  However these two features were a deciding factor to get on board for me.

Joining new social networks can make you hesitant at times because you are unsure of the benefit it’s providing you.  Usually you want your social network to provide you with quality interaction with people.  That’s why most people join and become members of social media. Saying that I am now apart of the FriendFeed community shocks me because I never thought I would do it.  Eventually, there’s going to be that feature or service provided that invited you to join.  The whole issue is are you going to take that step even they aren’t offering something of interest to you. Chances are you probably aren’t going to.  I can’t blame you either.  If FriendFeed didn’t give me those two features I mention, I would have never have signed up.

FriendFeed is essentially a social network where you can link all of your social networks together in one place which creates a real time feed.   The real time feed feature is cool, but I think it will be incorporated in sites like Facebook and Twitter soon.  It’s just a matter of time!  At this moment though, I think that’s a huge determining factor for those using FriendFeed.  They like the real time notifications.  Hitting refresh on your page to see new updates can be annoying, but in real time, it updates for you.

Maybe I am wrong with my assumption of why people use FriendFeed.  Only you can tell me what you think of it…if you use it.  For that matter, what caused you to join any social network you are apart of?  Was it just because everyone else was doing it?  Are you one to give new social networks a chance or do you prefer to wait until they are mainstream?  I told you my reasons for giving FriendFeed a chance, now it’s time for you to share your experiences.  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  • Yes, I am always looking for new things to try and see how Web 3.0 is moving forward.

    Keep up the Great work Frank

  • I haven’t heard of FriendFeed I might take a look at it. I currently use Twitter a bit. It seems to work a bit to get traffic to your blog. I have been thinking lately though that traffic is good, but what you really want is readers. You want readers that will come back for more. I guess you need both new traffic and readers. A healthy balance of both makes a great blog.

    You got some good information here Frank! I am going to take a look around

    • FriendFeed is alright. It mostly brings all your social networks together in one. I notice most people don’t seem to post directly from FriendFeed. They all just have their Twitter updates connected to FriendFeed. I do the same thing. I agree, readers is what you want to have most. Traffic is great, but readers help build relationships and a community around your blog. A combination of both never hurt! Thanks for your comment Jim, I appreciate your insight!