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With Facebook being one of the top social networks today and not only connecting college friends and friends of old, but it also has appealed to older generations to this point.  Mark Zuckerberg is the computer programmer who founded Facebook as most people know and in this interview of 60 Minutes he talks about how he got it started and how the organization runs.  Mark also mentions where the idea of Facebook came from.  The following two links here are the links to the interview with Mark Zuckerberg. (2 Part Interview)

I myself really enjoyed this interview because you get to delve into the mind of the master that created this world wide known social network. Let’s keep in mind too that Zuckerberg is about 23 years old during the time of this interview. That’s a young CEO that had a plan that succeeded, but was this company really his idea?

Facebook Inc. seems like a great place to work and it seems as though employees like it too. Although, I think many users out there, especially college students seem to be uneasy with the fact that a lot of adults are using it. At one point this social network was only for college students, then opened up to High School students, and now it’s for anyone. I guess you can say Facebook spread like germs! Is that a good or bad thing? Students feel they lost their privacy, but Facebook likes the decision and to make matters worse, employers use Facebook as a “background check.” The freedom of Facebook may be diminishing, but that doesn’t mean its popularity is continually on the rise.  If there’s one thing true about this social network, it’s that Facebook provides a lot for the user to do.  (Applications, Messaging, Games, Updates, Etc.) The video interview below is the best place to get the insider information about Facebook!

Part 1

Part 2

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