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Whether you want to believe it or not the social media and networking scene is becoming the leading source of customer attraction for businesses.  There are a solid amount of companies on a variety of social networks, but there are still a lot that aren’t.  Is this a problem?  You bet it is.  Honestly, your company doesn’t stand a chance today if you are not interacting with your customers on the many social networking platforms. Why?  The majority of the world is online and social media is great for keeping customers in the loop of what’s going on.  Here are 10 reasons why I believe any business who’s not on some social network should get to it.

1.  First and most important – your competition is already on the big name social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  They already have a presence and now you have to make up ground.

2. You can have direct connection with your customers to learn what they want and how you can better your business.

3. Increasing sales is what all businesses are trying to do.  Posting links to new products whether it be Twitter, Facebook, etc., can definitely be a great pitch for online sales.

4. Offer discounts online instead of paying for it to be posted in newspapers and magazines.  Doing this can be more personal for potential customers.  By you notifying them, say on Twitter, about a promotion you are running and offer your followers a discount, then you help yourself in increasing customer satisfaction!

5. It’s cheaper for your company.  Think about how much you spend in advertising and other methods for increasing sales and creating customer awareness.  Social networks are free to be apart of and give you ways to promote without paying for it. It’s a win – win situation for you company.

6. Build your brand to an even broader market.  You know who your customers are, but maybe you aren’t reaching them all.  Strategic management practices are a huge differentiator with which companies succeed and those that fail.  Social networks are all about establishing who you are on the internet and building a brand.  It will help expand your customer base as well.

7. Create long lasting relationships.  Being apart of social networks has brought new relationships for me whether it be new friends or business partners. So, what’s stopping your company from doing the same?  Twitter is the best example when it comes to building trust with those that you talk to.

8. Get ideas for new products.  It’s true the people who are engaged in the social media scene love to provide people with information and opinions.  Ask a question and you will receive an answer.

9. The networking never ends.  Social media is another form of networking with people.  Face to face isn’t the only option we have anymore.  If you only use that way to build your business, then you are one dimensional.  It’s time to learn new approaches to business that you may have not implemented before.

10. You don’t have a choice! Whether your company employees and executives understand social media or not…it doesn’t matter.  You are going to be forced into the equation and it won’t be by choice.  More or less you will notice the edge it brings to other companies and you will want to do the same.  That’s why you can hire consultants to teach you about it and how to participate.  (I’m always up for helping businesses any way I can!)

There you have it.  My 10 tips as to why ALL businesses need to join the social network community.  What are your thoughts on these?  Do you have more that you would add to the list?  If so, please share.  Don’t look at social networks as something you don’t understand because chances are there’s someone you know who can teach you.  Why do you think some companies aren’t using social media? It seems like a no brainer to me for increasing opportunities and sales.  I know this post may seem more on the business side, but I’m a Management major at Penn State University…what did you expect?

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  • A very comprehensive list. Your last point of not having a choice is quite true!

  • Great tips for improving sales and customers.I totally agree with you and i love the #4 Offer discounts online it is the best way to attract the customers and thanks for this post.