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This is a guest post by Jason Houck.

Businesses are failing due to the economic down fall. Many are asking
the question, “How do I recover?” The answer lies within the social
media world.

The best advertisement for a business use to be through media such as
television or the newspaper. Times have changed and people have
changed. People no longer turn to television or newspapers to get info
about a product or service. Instead, they are turning to the world
wide web for answers. A business can still advertise through media but
in a new and engaging way while saving thousands of dollars. This new
media is called social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, and

Twitter- I consider twitter to be the daddy of all social media sites
because you can integrate Facebook and blogging through the site by
tweeting the links to each one. When using Twitter, be sure to tweet
about sales and mention discounts for followers only. It also helps
to describe your product briefly and add a link to the product.
Also, when creating your Twitter profile page, be sure to choose an
avatar that best describes what you offer and use words or phrases
that entice a potential customer.

Facebook- Create a fan page for your followers to offer ideas and
suggestions. Let Twitter followers know that you have a Facebook fan
page. Encourage comments from others who have tried the product. This
lets you know who your target audience is and what, if any improvements
need to be made.

Blogging- Creating a blog about your business helps you to dive more
in depth about your products or services. Also, post surveys as this
will help you prepare for the future of your business. Encourage and
welcome ideas for future products. This helps you prevent from making
a mistake or making the same mistake twice and in return saves you
money. Invite your followers to host a product review. This lets your
product be seen and experienced in person and shared throughout the
world through the review.

Reputation management is essential way companies can avoid “committing
suicide!” People are going to talk about you whether you know it or
not. With social media, you can listen and respond publicly to make it right
with disgruntled clients. You can also thank loyal customers and
people who compliment your brand which builds trust and brand equity.

The key to remember when using social media for your business is to
first find your target. This will help filter your information that you’re
trying to convey about a product or service. Millions of
people look for new and exciting products daily via social media
sites. It’s a good idea to show your audience you are ready and willing to put them

I feel the greatest cause of most businesses not succeeding is by them
committing suicide and not noticing it. This can be be prevented by
engaging with customers through social media.

Jason Houck is a social media addict.  He likes to help promote other companies and their products or services.  You can check out his blog Weigh Your Mind and follow him on Twitter @BlogLuvr29

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  • Sarah

    What is your take on recruitment companies “tweeting” or using constant status updates on linkedin about companies they’re are not even doing business with and making it look like they are?

    • That’s a very interesting and thought provoking question, Sarah. I never stopped to think about that one, but you raise an interesting point.

      If recruitment companies are posting status updates about companies they’re not doing business with, two things cross my mind. One is the recruitment company is being paid as a sponsorship from the other company to mention them or the recruitment company is trying to grab the attention of the other business so that can work with them in a partnership.

      Those are my thoughts. What are yours?