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I was looking around a forum the other day that was associated with my Information Systems Management class and the topic of Facebook was brought up.  Now you already know me and my passion about social networks, but did you know the kind of trouble Facebook can get you into when looking for a job?  Well, I’m sure this may come as a surprise to you, but those companies that you submit resumes to, often will check your Facebook profile.  I’m hoping that most of you already know about this because it’s a very serious issue.  Yes, we all love to take pictures and post them, but that may turn into a contract being torn to shreds because the company that interviewed you, couldn’t take you seriously.  Now that so many people have smart phones and access to O2 mobile broadband, it is easier than ever take photos while you’re out, and then post them online immediately.   However, it is a good idea to think carefully before doing so.  When I read this forum posting, I felt it was something that needed to be shared on my blog.

Whenever you are about to upload a picture on to Facebook, keep this thought in the back of your mind…”What would an employer think?”  I know it sounds corny, but in the end it can be the difference between you getting a job or not.  If you are one of those people that has pictures up of you and your friends drunk, then I suggest taking them down.  Although, another approach you can take is making your profile private.  I always make sure my Facebook profile is set to private because I only allow my friends to see what I post.  You never want your information getting into the wrong hands like a Fortune 500 company looking to hire you.  Also, make sure your Facebook profile picture is business appropriate because if there’s one thing anyone can see, it’s that picture!

You can never be too cautious when it comes to social networks.  Yes, they are a lot of fun and I know there are many people who spend a majority of their free time on them.  Although, you have to realize that in the end you may hear something like this:
“Yea, Jack, we saw your pictures on Facebook and we deemed them too inappropriate for the kind of employee we are looking for.  Your mindset seems too focused on parties and not on your career. We need someone more focused.”

I know you don’t want this possible scenario to be you, so please take this advice seriously and protect your profile!

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