Sunday, 1st March 2015.
What Can Social Tech Zone Do For You?

Do you want to know how to implement social media strategies into your business? Are looking to find ways to better connect with people to build your community? Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple to receive easy to understand tech tips? This is where Social Tech Zone can help.

Let's get straight to the point. There's too much of the same redundant information on the internet today. Social Tech Zone can teach you in an easy to understand format what it takes to connect with someone using one of the many social networks out there. We don't repeat the same garbage, but rather share information that answers your questions.

Maybe you understand social media and you have no trouble connecting with your community. Perfect, we'll also be able to provide you tech tips that enhance your overall computing experience. It doesn't matter whether you use a Mac or a PC, we've experienced the same hardships with computers as you have and we'll teach you the exact procedures to fix them. If this isn't for you, we also teach you proper web design implementation techniques so that those people who use your site won't find it confusing.

What's The Hype Around Social Tech Zone?

Here are what some readers have had to say on social networks and through email...

-Charles Zink (Reaction on Twitter after commenting on the benefit of the Social Tech Zone newsletter.)

-Daniel Wood (Response to an email after I thanked him for the feedback on my blog.)


-Pepper Ferguson (Comment on Google+ after reading a post on building relationships)

Who is Frank Angelone?

I am a graduate of Penn State University and the Smeal College of Business. I have a degree in Management and a minor in Information Systems Management. I also completed an independent study in Network Security and served as a Technology Learning Assistant.

I also have my Masters degree in Digital Game Design & Development from Long Island University.

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